Are You in Business or Just Blogging For Money?

Seriously, it’s high time we define what being in business means Vs blogging for money.      blogging for money

Most people are still confused – and it’s been a controversy among my mastermind group members. The truth of the matter is, blogging itself is not a business – but a marketing tool.

You need more than a blog to make money online and that’s what we shall be looking at in this post.

In the past, a blog was seen as a personal diary where you can write about your personal life experiences, likes and dislikes.

But today, writing a blog has gone beyond borders. However, many people still don’t make enough money to renew their web hosting service, let alone live the kind of life they dreamed about. Why is this so?

Don’t blog for money

There is no such thing as blogging for money. It’s a total waste of time.

Yes I know that some people stumbled on riches when they built their blogs for the sole intent of making income from it, but that notwithstanding, blogging for money is a trap of failure for majority of us.

When you blog for money, you can miss out on the great opportunity of building a real business.

You’re supposed to be solving a problem – and in the process recommend a complementary product to your target audience.

Sure, we all want to make money from our hard works, but what difference does it make if we’ve no realistic goal.

This has been the major reason why 85% of so-called bloggers don’t make decent income online.

Interestingly, people who earn a living off their blogs don’t necessarily talk about “money making” or internet marketing like that.

Build a real business instead

I don’t know why you came to the internet in the first place, but I came to start a business and help make the world a better place. I intend to achieve this goal by writing quality articles, blog posts, product reviews, membership sites, creating videos.

Rather than biting your fingers and struggling to earn a living online as blogger, look for alternative means – a much better way. Start an online business that can cater to a select group of people.

Thousands of people are waiting to pay for your products and services. Recently, I started a one-on-one coaching sessions and it’s working for me.

Real businesses don’t focus on the monetary gain alone – but on solving problems and building an environment where first-time buyers can feel comfortable hanging out.

Of course, you can use blogging to promote your business, but don’t stop there.

Create helpful products for your audience. And you must be dedicated to selling. Most bloggers I know hates selling. Are you one of them?

Every businessperson must sell – it’s our core lifestyle. Lazy bloggers only write to get comments, but savvy bloggers write blog posts to sell an affiliate product or their own product.

Selling is a part of life. In my niche sites where I promote perfume and fragrance and other products, I don’t just blog to make money, but to help potential buyers.

Take advantage of this tool

Blogging is a powerful tool that you can use to grow your online business. You can reach out to targeted audience, build your email list and sell your products easily.

Don’t just be a blogger who knows how to write articles – be the type that networks, answers questions and builds a relationship. And don’t forget to sell your professional services as well. See you ahead!


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