Attention Bloggers: Guest Posting Doesn’t Work Anymore

Alright, this we a little bit of a misleading headline. Guest posting isn’t dead for most people, but it is however dead for some people.  Matt Cutts from Google announced today that guest posting for some people is dead.

See video below:

Cutts states in the video that people who are spinning content, writing crappy post, short posts, or posts that provide no value or new relevant information will be deemed as crap and not help you in your rankings.  What does this mean for the thousands of people submitting guest posts to this blog every month?  Pretty much that you can stop cause it’s not really going to help you at all.

Guest posting should be valuable to everyone, including and most especially the reader.  The reader should be able to read a 600+ word post about something that’s new to them.  Not something that’s been rehashed out 10x on 10 different blogs.  Make sure your content is unique and awesome.  People want to create good content, something that helps them out.  Google is going after short 200, 300 and 400 word post that are only written for a link.  If it’s written only for a link, then it’s probably not going to be worth your time.

Good news for all you peeps out there that are doing honest guest posting and actually putting time into your post, you’re in for a treat.  Your link will be valuable, I would imagine authorship and other things will start playing a large role in leadership online.  So start making sure your author tags are enabled and working.

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