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3 WordPress Plugins for Inserting Creative Commons Images

Posted by on 6th Oct 2012 | 5 comments

What types of images do you use on your blog? We’ve already shown you how to find the right images for your blog by using Creative Commons images, rights-free photographs and stock photographs. These methods are often time consuming, especially if you are using other websites to search for images. So today I’m going to share a few WordPress plugins that will make the image finding process quicker and easier.

With these WordPress plugins, you won’t have to search outside of your blog for images. Instead, you can save time by searching right from your blog’s editor. I’ll also share a few external resources for those that just prefer searching outside of their blog.

Flickr – Pick a Picture

With this plugin you can search for Creative Commons images from Flickr from the insert media window. Just click on the icon next to Upload/Insert (media) or choose “Flickr – Pick a Pic” tab from the upload window.

Flickr - Pick a Picture WordPress Plugin

When you choose an image, the plugin will automatically insert the image credits into the caption. So not only do you get legal images, but you get to maintain the credits and keep the Flickr owner happy.


This plugin gives you access to over 200 million Creative Commons images and lets you add them to your blog in just a few clicks. Like Flickr – Pick a Picture it also handles the image attributions for you, but it lets you choose where you’d like to place the attribution (such as at the end of your content).

PhotoDropper WordPress Plugin

PhotoDropper also includes filters for sorting image results. For instance, you can sort by most relevant or most recent. This makes it easier to find the perfect images for your content.


This plugin is my personal favorite because it gives you three image size options (S, M, L), plus it supports featured image insertion. You’re probably already familiar with Compfight, an image search engine for finding both commercial and Creative Commons images.

Compfight WordPress Plugin

With this plugin, you can skip the the Compfight website and search from within your blog editor, much like Flickr – Pick a Picture and PhotoDropper. Again the attribution is included, but you can’t choose where to place it like PhotoDropper.

External Sources

If you prefer to use outside websites for finding images, here are a few resources for you:

  • Flickr Creative Commons Search – A search bar right on Flickr that you can use to search for Creative Commons images and videos.
  • CC Search – A source for various image search services where you can find both commercial and Creative Commons images; you can also add CC Search to your browser to use from the browser search bar.
  • Photo Pin – A search engine that lets you search through millions of Creative Commons and commercial photos from Flickr and sort them; unlike Compfight, you can get the HTML directly from Photo Pin’s site.
  • SitePoint – They have a list of 30+ places to find Creative Commons media that may come in handy. It’s from 2009, but it’s worth checking out if the above sources do not suffice.

How do you find image for your blog posts? Do you use a WordPress plugin or an external source?

Charnita is a full-time freelance writer and blogger with 3+ years of experience, and also the owner of SocialWebTools.info. She's also an early adopter who loves trying out new social media tools along with Web and iOS (iPad) apps. Feel free to connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

5 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Larry James on 6th Oct 2012

    I use the PhotoDropper plugin on my site, and I always install it on my clients websites. It makes it very easy for me and my clients to add related photos to the posts. No body likes to read an article that does not have a photo or image to make it more interesting. The Compfight plugin looks interesting, but I am very happy with PhotoDropper.

    • Posted by Pete on 16th Oct 2012

      These are great, thank you Charnita. I’m installing Compfight now to give it a try. And thanks to the other commenters for suggesting PhotoDropper. I’m always searching for photos and never thought to look for a rights-free plugin. gah!

    • Posted by Charnita Fance on 30th Oct 2012

      Hi Larry,

      I’ve just started using PhotoDropper on one of my blogs and I really love it. I’ve tried 2 others and it’s the best so far. Thanks for sharing!

  • Posted by Amrik Virdi on 6th Oct 2012

    I’ve been using this Photo Dropper plugin for a short while now and I really like it. The “sort by most interesting” option does appear to improve the possibilities of getting a great image rapidly.

    Thanks for the post.
    Amrik Virdi

  • Posted by Chitraparna Sinha on 7th Oct 2012

    Thanks for the recommendations Charnita. Will surely try them out :)