WordPress is the Key to Blogging Success

WordPress is a free blogging software, which can be used to create a successful and thriving blog. With tools such as multi-user, plug-ins, spam protection, themes and mobile access, WordPress can give your blog the advantage and edge you’re looking for. Whether you are an advanced web technology user or have no skills at all involving technical web software,WordPress will fulfill your blogs needs. This post will teach you how WordPress is the key to blogging success.

Downloading and using WordPress is not only free; it’s easy to use even for those who have little or no technical web skills. The road to downloading this blog technology is simple, locate a web host, download the software and then learn how to use it. There are ample tutorial videos and documents on the WordPress website that will guide you through the software. Also, the tutorials are a great way to enhance and improve your knowledge on WordPress.

Previously, blogs were limited to one blog per each download, where you had to use different databases and directories to utilize more than one blog. WordPress currently has added multi-user technology, which means one administrative individual can host the blog, and have others contribute posts to the blog, like an online community. Through one dashboard a maintainer can manage all the blogs on the website.

WordPress offers plug-ins or add-ons, which is a software component that enables the blog to include particular abilities to the original WordPress software you download. Using the plug-ins you can easily create and craft your blog to look however you want. From the administrative dashboard you can download the widgets to your blog.

The WordPress staff does an amazing job to help optimize your blog by ensuring you the latest technologies. You can easily upgrade from old to new versions by one simple click. Upgrading to new versions can enhance your security, internal linking, gallery and offer better customizations and much more. You can even upgrade your old blog that is running on different software to newer WordPress software. You can also edit the HTML code for the theme you choose to customize it further.

You can improve and develop your blog by using WordPress themes. The themed templates can enhance your blogs presentation. With the abundant amount of free themes it is certain you’ll find a theme that will spruce up your blog. However if you are not content, WordPress also offers many themes at a low price. WordPress staff will even go as far to satisfy your needs by building you a custom template.

WordPress comes with a strong spam protection when you download it. If you want additional spam security WordPress allows you to easily install extra protection using plug-ins.  For those constantly out and about, blogs run on WordPress can now be accessed on mobile devices including Blackberries, iPhone, iPads and Androids. This is a bonus as you can edit and update at any time.

Another feature WordPress includes with its installation is search engine optimization(known as SEO). SEO aids your blog or webpage to appear higher in search engines such as Google’s unpaid results. Using meta tags and permalinks WordPress enhances the chance of your blog being noticed in search engine results by connecting keywords you link to your post to what someone may search.

Meta tags are the small description of the blog or site you see when you make a search on a search engine. By adding a meta tag of approximately 150 characters you are giving people a description of your choice about your post. Permalinks are permanent URL’s for a specific article or post. You can choose the structure of your permalinks by adding in key words or changing its configuration.

Using WordPress is key to blogging success. This simple to use software can be easily installed with a five minute downloading process. WordPress offers an endless supply of themes to customizing your blog and you can access it from many mobile devices. WordPress offers excellent spam protection, which you can add to by using simple plug-ins. Using permalinks and meta tags you can improve posts on your blogs search engine optimization.Further more, its completely free. WordPress is the software every blogger needs and should be using to create a successful blog.

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