Create and Sell Digital Products with Sellfy

Have you ever wanted to sell a digital product of your own but didn’t know where to start or have the funds some of the other networks charge to process and bundle your products? As bloggers it would only make sense for us to have premium content that we can offer to our readers and site visitors at a premium rate. Blogging is all about providing quality content and getting people to come back to your site, but being able to offer something of value that people will actually pay for, now that’s a blogging business model that works.

Digital products are an excellent way for bloggers to make money for multiple reasons; they are easy to create, no shipping or inventory to hold and you can update your products at any time. No matter what your niche is, people are likely looking for something specific and if you can provide that information, bundle it up into a complex guide, book or pdf… it can potentially be your premium based digital product that you could sell through your blog.

Sellfy is a digital product based market place that makes it easy for anyone to create a product and sell through their service. Why other digital market places charge listing fees, monthly payments and transaction costs, Sellfy just has a flat 5% transaction cost on all transactions. You can see a breakdown of Sellfy benefits below.

  • Product storage and delivery
  • Get instantly paid via PayPal
  • No subscription fees, no upfront costs
  • Only 5% per transaction once you sell

How to Get Started with Sellfy

1. Upload your content

Getting started with Sellfy is easy, all you need to do is create an account, upload your product and set a price. Sellfy sells everything that is digital, which covers music, videos, ebooks, software, photos and more.

2. Get “buy now” link

Once your product is setup and live on the network you will be given a “buy now” link that you can place on your web site, blog or use in any other type of online promotions. When anyone clicks on your “buy now” link they will be sent to your checkout process and receive their product.

3. Sell to your fans & followers

An exciting and effective way to sell digital products to your audience is through the use of social networks and your fans/followers. You can post your “buy now” link on Twitter, Facebook and any other social network you might be on. Again, you provide the traffic and customers, Sellfy handles the rest.

4. Attract influencers

Turn your current customers into influencers by offering them rewards and discounts on future purchases. When you an have endorsed product and other people recommending it on their sites and blogs, you are much more likely to increase sales and reach a new audience of customers.

Sellfy Video: Selling Digital Products Made Easy

For a visual breakdown of how Sellfy works and can make money for your blog and digital products, be sure to watch the quick video below.

There are plenty of advanced features to Sellfy for anyone with multiple digital products or anyone who is pushing a decent amount of volume on their products. These additional features include the ability to create coupons and discounts on your products, affiliate management, deep tracking on sales/revenue and referrals and more.

If you’ve ever thought about creating your own digital product but didn’t know where to start or how to start selling online, be sure to take a look at Sellfy and contact their team if you have any questions.

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