Explore Restaurant Blogging With these 3 Niches

Blogging may seem like a foreign job to you as a restaurant owner, but the truth is it can be a very valuable asset to your business. Diners are turning to blogs for everything from recipes to restaurant business tips and information about their favorite spot to eat. If you’re not sure what do with your restaurant blog, consider these three blogging niches:

About the Restaurant

The most logical way to use your blog is for pure restaurant promotion. While your website houses the menu and basic information, your blog is an opportunity to get customers more involved. Whether you’re the sole writer, or you let employees or business partners contribute, there are a number of options for this blogging niche.

  • Employee photos: Make your customers feel more connected to you and your employees by sharing company-wide photos. Consider pictures from events, working back of the house, etc.
  • New products:  Introducing a new seasonal menu or just a few items? Wholesaling some favorite items? Use this space to announce these newsworthy events.

Showing Your Expertise

You run a restaurant that serves amazing food and your expertise as a cook is very valuable in the food centric society we’re living in. Take yourself out of the restaurant and into the kitchens of your favorite customers. Though you don’t have to share private recipes, you can help your diners eat well at home, too.

  • Recipes: Share some favorite recipes from the restaurant or some simple ones to get people started. This is a great way to add value to your restaurant. Include this on your menu so customers know to see your blog for recipe information.
  • Tips and tricks: Everyone wants to be a restaurant chef, so include some tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way; basic cooking techniques, for example.

Being a Business Authority

Finally, whether you realize it or not – you are a business expert. You built your business from the ground up, and that is something a lot of people want to do right now. Extend your audience from diners to entrepreneurs and blog about the restaurant business. Who knows, you could start to bring in a whole new clientele.

  • Funding: How did you get started with funding? Investors? Loans? Walk through the process, what worked and what didn’t.
  • Hiring: Hiring is a daunting task for new business owners. How to choose the right people, what pay they should get, benefits. How did you figure it all out?
  • Startup basics: Anything from business plans to finding a business partner. It’s all valuable information that many bloggers would love to read about.

Blogging is a great opportunity for any business owner. As a restaurant owner, however, it may seem very far from your line of work. Regardless, this is an easy way to add value for your customers, keeping them coming back time and time again. Consider it a part of your marketing plan; put in a few hours a week, and share them on your social feeds for more publicity.

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Amanda Dee is a professional blogger that writes on a variety of topics including Fort Worth restaurants. She writes for Restaurants.com, a leading directory of restaurants.

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