5 Exclusive Social Media Tools for Branding

No entrepreneur today can live to make their business a success without using social media marketing tools. Post-2010, use of  social media marketing for small and medium businesses is a top priority. As an entrepreneur, you need to remain updated with latest social media tools.

Social Media Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

Here is an awesome list of beneficial social media marketing tools for entrepreneurs:

(1) YouTube.com

Apart from the usually emphasized use of YouTube for business advertising and marketing, other excellent uses of YouTube lies in creating video presentations of products on-sale, create FAQ’s for the customers, uploading conference presentations and seminars and others. These steps will help the business to develop a brand presence.

It is not enough these days to use social media plainly for paid or free marketing. It is essential to make a presence felt and YouTube can be a very good starting point.

(2) MailChimp.com

Email marketing is not out of vogue, no matter what other trade experts seem to suggest. The good old email list is the top strategy with any entrepreneur to gain headway in business and gain some loyal customers in the process. If you are just starting with email marketing, I suggest you use Mail Chimp. It is free for the first 500 subscribers and then there are paid subscriptions to choose.

Their well developed API make it very easy to integrate Mail Chimp with your business website or blog. They also have a growing list of plug-ins for seamless integration.

(3) Traackr.com

If you want to build a strong brand for your business, I recommend using Traackr.com social media marketing services. With the help of this tool, it is possible to keep ‘track of’ social media authorities in the chosen business niche, analyze how other people are using the content shared by the business and identify a target market.

All the details are available with state-of-the art tracking and analytic facilities.

(4) Social Scope

If you are too active on Twitter and Facebook, and you own a Blackberry, Social Scope app is made for you. This app is directed to only those users who are always connected with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, either for personal and professional reasons.

Since businesses are more or less dependent on social media marketing, I recommend this app. It has Facebook tagging facilities, hash tag search, and re-tweeting feature. As Neil Patel from KISSmetrics says: “It’s probably the closest you can get to a desktop-type app on a Blackberry.”

(5) Basecamp.com

If you are a start-up, there are obviously a lot of things you need to manage and it would be definitely wonderful to lay hands on a social media marketing tool which manages the complete project, from the beginning to the end, isn’t it? This tool is called Basecamp.

With Basecamp, you can start projects, follow-up, connect with clients and vendors, create an internal project management team, track progress, set up milestones and do a lot of other work.

Other popular social media marketing tools include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and HootSuite.

Social Media Marketing Tools Recap

For an entrepreneur, the tools listed above serve these purposes:

  • Develop and implement projects (Basecamp)
  • Build brand (Traackr)
  • Marketing (YouTube)
  • Getting customers (MailChimp)
  • Dynamic social media promotion (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & SocialScope)


The importance of social media marketing differs from one entrepreneur to the other. It is important to analyze what role will a particular social media platform will play for a business and then prepare a strategy around it. Social media is the future of marketing for entrepreneurs in all industries, and finding the best VoIP providers available will help propel you to success as well.

What are your favorite social media marketing tools?


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