Promote Your Brand with a One-Page Flipstream from Fliptu

Fliptu is a branding tool this is great for those wanting to spread the word about their business, band, product, etc. You can use it to “create your own social home page (Flipstream) and collect & share media from your favorite people, interests and brands.” Best of all, Fliptu can import content from your favorite social accounts; this makes set up a snap.

One your Flipstream is created, you can share it across the Web and give your current fans and potential fans quick access to your posts from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Since most brands are now using all of these tools to reach old and new customer, it only makes sense to use a tool like Fliptu to bring them all together on a single page.

Connecting Your Accounts

Fliptu connects with your Facebook account and uses that to log you into the service. I like the fact that they have a message right under the Sign in with Facebook button stating: “we won’t post to your wall without your permission.” There’s nothing worse than an app that posts random things on your wall and on your friend’s walls, without your knowledge or permission!

Personal Accounts

Once you connect your Facebook account, you’ll also be able to connect Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr. Fliptu will import your photos, videos and posts from each account. However, please note that the accounts here should be your personal accounts only; below you’ll see how to connect brand accounts.

Connect Your Social Accounts to Fliptu

Brand/Business Accounts

When you connect your Facebook account, it will also import the Facebook pages that you manage; you’ll see them listed on the left underneath your personal account username. Clicking on the name of each page will open a new section and you’ll be able to connect social accounts related to those brands/pages.

So, if you have a business or brand page on Facebook (i.e.. for your blog), you’ll be able to connect a Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and/or Flickr account that corresponds with it.

Your Dashboard

Once you’re done connecting your accounts, Fliptu will take you on a short tour and show you how to navigate the dashboard. The dashboard gives you quick access to your favorite brands and people. There are three important sections: fan pages; custom flipboards; and recent activity.

The Fliptu Dashboard

You can also invite friends and find friends as well as see how many followers you have, all from the dashboard. At the top, you’ll see a search bar, which you can use to find new friends and fan pages. It’s all pretty straight-forward.

What I like most is that next to the search bar is a switch to quickly turn “Social” on or off. By default, Fliptu will automatically add all your activities to your Facebook Timeline. Clicking on this switch will let you customize what is shared, or you can just completely turn off automatic sharing. I prefer not to have every service I use post to my timeline, so I really appreciate the convenience of this.

Turn Facebook Timeline Autoposting Off on Fliptu

Your Flipstream

Your Flipstream is where you can find all of your imported images, videos and posts; however, you can also add new posts as well straight from Fliptu. As you’ll notice, it’s set up a lot like Pinterest.

There are also quite a few options for your posts. You and your fans can “Flip” your posts. Flipping is basically a re-share feature that allows sharing to on Fliptu as well as Facebook and/or Twitter.

Flip and Reshare Posts on Fliptu

You and your fans can also delete posts, see how many views each one has received, add comments and heart (love) posts. I noticed that when clicking on a post, it takes you to the page of it and has more sharing options like sharing on Pinterest and Tumblr.

You can also export your Flipstream, although I consider this more of an embedding feature than export. Fliptu gives you a JavaScript code to copy and paste to your blog or website, so that you can display your Flipstream there. Please note, this feature is not available yet, but coming soon.

Final Thoughts

Fliptu seems to be a great way to promote your own brand and keep up with your favorite brands. It’s simple, yet creates a visually appealing flipboard, where you can easily comment and bookmark posts from those brands.

Add A Cover to Fliptu

You can add covers to your profile page, which is great for branding. You can also see all of your favorites, which are automatically organized by category (music, sports, movies, brands). The Live Stream is also a nice way to discover what others are Flipping.

If you have a brand that you’re looking to promote and you’re using various social services to do it. Fliptu is worth checking out. What do you think?

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