Personal Tips to Write a Great Article – Part Two

If you haven’t already, check out the first part of this series. This is the second and last part.

Here we go.

6. Identify The Type Of Article:

You should clearly understand the type of article you are writing. For example, if you are writing a news article, the first paragraph should have all the main points that are related to the title or the topic.

The article should have a clear description of what, where, when, why, and how. Therefore, the content should support the type of article you are writing for.

7. No Factual Errors:

A good article depends on good research skills. This skill is a must for a writer to write a good article without factual error. Incorrect information will definitely kill the interest of a reader.

A real dedicated writer should do vast research before writing to provide good reliable information for the readers.

8. Provide Appropriate Visuals:

The article should include good and appropriate visuals that go well with the content. The pictures can drag the attention of the readers. However, make sure that the content does not dissatisfy the readers.

9. Length of the Article:

There should be a definite length of the article and you should stick to the word limit that will be required for the articles. The readers will not be interested in reading very long articles.

The articles should not be too short as well that provide very less information to the reader and force him or her to search for another one.

The article will look good if the paragraphs are short and will create interest in the readers. Lengthy sentences can at times be confusing. Short sentences and paragraphs can explain well to the readers.

10. Basic Things That a Writer Should Follow:

There can be nothing worse than an article with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The reader will stop reading the article after going through the first few sentences. A real good writer rarely makes such mistakes.

Using short and simple sentences will help any reader to understand what you are conveying. You should avoid repetition. The readers will not be interested to read the same information again and again in all the paragraphs. The content should be clear with appropriate illustrations and examples to drag the attention of the readers.

The writer should follow consistency in the writing to make the article perfect and readable for any reader. If you are writing a technical article refer to Microsoft® Manual of Style for Technical Publications. For all other types of writing you can refer to The Chicago Manual of Style.

This is where I end it. I hope the ‘sermon’ wasn’t too long. I would also like to know the ways you follow while writing an article.

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