Top Ten Ways to Quickly Monetize Your Blog

Blogging may be one of the slowest forms for building a successful brand and business online, but it’s also one with the lowest investment required. Starting your blog only costs a few dollars and that’s mainly to buy your domain name and setup a hosting account for a few dollars a month. The rest of the blogging is up to you, your content and how much time you put into marketing and growing the site.

We all know it will take a lot of time, but once you finally hit those nice traffic levels and gain a solid readership you might start thinking about different ways to monetize your site and traffic. In this post we are going to fly through ten different ways that you can start making money with your blog. Some are ridiculously easy to setup and might help you make a few dollars a day, while others can help you take your blog to the next level and generate three to four figures per month!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

  1. Google Adsense – Obviously the most simple and easy way to make money with your site. Just focus on your content and let Google do all of your ad serving and send you a nice check every month.
  2. Sell Your Own Banners – Forget Google Adsense! Go around the big players who are taking a chunk of your revenue and sell your own advertising directly!
  3. Contextual Advertising – Don’t like ugly banner ads on your site that take up space? Look into contextual advertising and start showing money making ads within your actual blog content.
  4. Write Review Posts – Review posts are an excellent way to make money with your own blog. If you aren’t getting paid to write the reviews, then you can review products that have affiliate programs. Every time someone downloads or buys the product, you would earn a commission.
  5. Affiliate Programs – Whether you are writing a review on a product or service or simply mentioning something with your content, nearly every product or web site has an affiliate program. As an affiliate you will earn a commission every time someone signs up for something or takes an action through your affiliate link.
  6. Amazon Affiliate Program – One of the largest and successful affiliate programs in the game. Link to anything on with your affiliate url and start earning commissions right away.
  7. Build a Mailing List – There is no better way to get people to keep coming back to your site than to get them on a mailing list. Forget just sending them your latest blog content, you can hit your mailing list subscribers with exclusive offers and promotions that will earn you money on every sign up.
  8. Create Your Own eBook to Sell – If people are coming to your blog to read your information, there is a good chance they would pay for premium information as well. Write an ebook with your best blog content and sell it for a few dollars. Lots of sales for a few dollars each can add up quickly!
  9. Sell Yourself! – Don’t want to sell yourself short or waste time writing an ebook, sell yourself! Are you the voice of authority within your niche? If so you can sell consulting, training or many other types of services through your blog. 100% of the profit is yours. You are the product!
  10. Sell Your Blog! – The best way to cash in with your blog is by looking at the big picture and actually selling it! Some web sites are selling for 10-30 times their monthly earnings on Flippa’s online auction marketplace.

There you have it! Ten quick tips to help you make more money with your blog!

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