4 Broken Link Checker Tools Reviewed

As an efficient blogger or a proud owner of a website, you would never like that the visitors of your website face any kind of problem. Downtime is surely your constant worry, but surprisingly it is not as bigger problem as you think. The reason is very simple, firstly occurrences of downtime are normally tracked very regularly and secondly there are very rare chances of the same, due to the most modern web site provider services that ensure 100% uptime. Server mirroring, monitoring tools and service guarantee has minimized this hazard to the greatest extent. However, one hidden enemy is still there that can cause a great harm to your website without you being aware of that and it is in the form of broken links.

This is in all the sense your biggest enemy because it is always hidden. Nobody would be able to identify the problem unless the particular link is accessed. Obviously you would never be able to check each and every link to ensure everything is fine. What is the solution then? No need to worry, technology has brought solution to this irritating problem in the form of broken link checker tools. They are automated programs that check the website and identify broken links. While market is flooded with many similar broken link checker tools, the top 4 reviewed for your assistance. Do not reinvent the wheel again and get benefitted by the analysis.

1. Xenu’s Link Sleuth, the best checker that is absolutely free!

XenuProbably one of the most efficient broken link checker tool, Xenu’s Link Sleuth is amazing freeware and just incredible. The boring task of checking each link in the website is extremely easy matter for this fantastic configurable tool. Provide the root page address and the rest all is done by this intelligent software. For your convenience, there is a configuration page where you can fill in the necessary parameters. Start multiple threads simultaneously to save a few minutes in searching the web site. Get a comprehensive report in HTML form after completion of checking that shoes the link status so that you can take corrective action. The main plus points of this software is its very simple user interface, multi-threading for better speed and well explanatory error reports. If you are having a secured web site, then also this software would help in searching broken links. The only problem with this tool is its speed that is quite slow, but it is surely gets traded off with the quality and of course it is being a freeware. One of my recommended software!

2. LinkAider, the perfect aid to your website

One of the most easy broken link checker tools, this magnificent and handy utility known as LinkAider, helps in finding the broken links with its crawler utility. This tool is amazingly simple and by just providing the website link and number of pages to crawl, it would give you the complete status of your website. Get the broken, internal, external links, titles of the duplicate pages, average link density and tens of other valuable information. The super fast and reliable enterprise grade architecture, universal accessibility and free for small sites makes it one of the favorite picks for me!


3. Free Link Checker, the ultimate freeware that helps a lot!

Freeware are there to help you without any cost and sometimes available with comparatively limited functionality yet powerful enough to satisfy the basic requirements. Free Link Checker from Indiabook.com is one of the useful freeware tools to check broken links in your web site. It is perfect in finding broken internal and external links by just providing the URL. The beauty of this software is its simplicity and in my opinion, it is one of the best tools for normal usage and small and medium size of web sites. The only problem is its speed that is quite slow, but it can be ignored in comparison of its utility value.

4. Broken Link Checker, check the broken links in the easiest way!

Another freeware that would be on the top 4 list is, Broken Link Checker from creatingonline.com! This great utility would very quickly scan through your website and tell you precisely where are and which are the broken links. With the amazingly clear-cut reports, this tool tells you perfectly what to look so that you can act fast and repair your web site to make it absolutely broken link free. The speed of this utility is distinctively fast as compared to the other ones and it is also very simple for the users as you need to provide the URL and the rest of the task would be done automatically.

Your website is not just a tool for business, but it represents your image. While it is certainly true that one broken link directly results into one lost business opportunity, but it is more than that. It shows the level of seriousness and maturity of you towards the business. Never let this hidden bug bring your position down by using the best tool that is broken link checker tool.

Broken links not only damages your image, but also can be potential business loss because all website search engines get stuck whenever there are broken links and thus the automatic navigation would stop that would result in your content not getting properly measured and ranked. This would be perhaps the last thing you would like to happen with your web content. So act fast and use any of the reviewed broken link checker tools and secure yourself. After all it is your business!

This Guest Post is written by Anil Agarwal who owns BloggersPassion.com and SEO Agency Delhi at SEOBricks.com where he is offering SEO, Link Building and Blog Promotion related services to its clients in India and abroad.

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