4 Dead-Easy Ways to Attract More Readers to Your Blog

attract more readersWhat’s the single most important factor involved in building a better blog?


Yes, you’re 100% correct!

For anyone who’re running online business need to attract more people to their sites. Undoubtedly finding more readers is the biggest challenge to succeed online.

Without having potential readers and customers, it’s almost impossible for anyone to make more money from their online businesses.

So how to find and attract more readers to your blog?

Is finding new readers really easy?

No, it’s not..

But when you’re working consistently using the following simple tips, it’ll be a breeze to find more readers to your blog.

Are you ready?

#1. Have a killer blog design

90% of the bloggers are either using

  • Free themes or
  • Mediocre design

That means if you seriously focus on having a killer website design, you’ll have more chances to stand out from the crowd, which ultimately means that you’re inviting more people to read your blog.

Who will not be interested to reading a blog which stands out??

So make sure to invest some money on buying premium themes or unique design for your blog. Remember, blogging is a business and business needs to proper investment to succeed.

#2. Always create award winning headlines

Most of the online readers prefer skimming the content. So what makes your content unique and to quickly grab others attention?

Obviously your headlines..

Be sure you’re spending more time on crafting killer headlines for your blog posts. If you’ve succeeded in creating mind blowing headlines, you’re actually grabbing more bloggers attention.

When you’re consistent in creating valuable content and titles for the readers, you’ll be attracting more readers to your blog. Having killer headlines can also boost your comment count on every single post!

Few quick tips to make your headlines go viral:

  • Copy the most popular headlines from other blogs and tweak them until they become unique
  • How-to guides will attract more readers.. because they’ll make them curious to read the content
  • The headlines which contains numbers will grab everyone’s attention.. because they’re easy to skim

#3. Make sure your content is keyword rich

Though search engine optimization has became a big headache for the bloggers, it’s still the ONLY way to bring more readers to your blog even after years.

When your content is properly optimized with the potential keywords, you’ll have more chances to attract the new readers. But don’t keyword stuff your blog posts to get search engine traffic, it may considered as spam by Google and you may won’t even get search traffic to those posts.

Optimum keyword frequency for any blog post is: 2 to 5%

There are lot of tools to know how much keyword frequency you’ve in your content.

You can use premium tools like Easy WP SEO, SEOPressor etc

Or you can also use free tools like free keyword density analyzer, keyword density checker etc

#4. Try to be a go-giver than go-getter

Connect with every blogger in your niche. I know it’s really difficult to connect with every blogger in your niche.. but if you’re connecting with as many bloggers as you can, you’ll be definitely bringing more readers to your blog. Use social media networks like Facebook, twitter or G+ to get to know other bloggers and start doing conversations with them.

Make sure you’re connecting with them not to take their help, instead, focus on giving something useful.

Whatever it may be, try to add value to their blogs, either by blog commenting or doing guest posts on their blogs. This way you can grab more people attention to your blog in no time.

Connecting with others should be your top priority, you can never say who will be useful for your blog in the long run. So be kind to all of them.

Spend time on other blogs too. You can’t attract more readers to your blog when you work only on your blog. You also need to spend quality time on other blogs to find more readers. Show genuine interest to helping others.

Over to you

What are your thoughts about finding more readers to your blog? Do you’ve any extra tips? I’ll be glad to hear from you..


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