Funnel the Right Traffic with Clicksor Contextual Ad Network

The number and variety of ad networks on the Internet can certainly be overwhelming, especially when you can’t be sure how well they’re going to perform for your various campaigns. If you want your ad to do well, it has to be shown to the right people at the right time in the right way. And Clicksor claims that its advertising platform can “significantly increase return on investment.”

The Same Ads Delivered a Different Way

Clicksor is a contextual advertising and remarketing network that offers you a number of different options for both the types of ads being displayed and how you can target your traffic around the world, working with a variety of cost metrics to suit your particular needs and preferences.

Since the company has been around since 2004, Clicksor has been able to already build up a reputation as one of the better ad networks on the Internet. It’s not surprising to hear that it already has over 150,000 specialized websites in its network, generating over 500 million impressions each and every day. There’s a good chance that, regardless of your niche, you’re going to find the right website under the right context to advertise whatever it is that you want to promote.

These aren’t just random sites on the Internet with no real audience either, because Clicksor has pre-screened these publishers to ensure they meet certain criteria. As such, you only pay for the clicks or views that match your specifications.

Five Media Formats for Advertisers

Most ad networks focus on one type of advertising or another. That’s not the case with Clicksor. Its media offer consists of five ad formats, each with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the type, you pay based on CPC, CPV, CPI or CPM. This gives you some flexibility when it comes to cost metrics.

The text ads are typically inline with the content on the publisher’s site and these have a minimum price of just five cents per click. Alternatively, you can look in graphical or rich media banners, as well as text banners. If you prefer to control your costs based on qualified clicks, you can do that at $0.05 a click and up, but there is also the option for CPM starting at $0.50 per 1000 impressions.

Clicksor also offers pop-under ads ($0.008 per visit and up) and interstitial ads ($5.00 per 1,000 interstitials and up). The choice is completely yours, keeping in mind that you are only paying for the traffic that meets your specifications and preferences.

Increased Level of Filtering

And that leads us to a discussion of Clicksor’s robust filtering system. Yes, other contextual ad networks may give you the opportunity to filter based on the country or some other factor, but Clicksor offers multiple filters to funnel the right traffic your way.

By making use of the Clicksor technology, you are able to filter based on geographic area (like a city), but you can also target your ad based on time of day. Perhaps your target demographic is more likely to be on the Internet late at night; you can target that group more effectively with this filter.

You can also target your ads based on the channel categories, detected operating system, the type of device, the language, or even the ISP. There are nine targeting systems in place and, indeed, it is possible to combine several of these targeting systems to get laser-like precision. Want to get traffic from someone in Vancouver, using Bell for Internet on an Android tablet at around 6pm in the evening? You can do that.

A More Effective Marketing Method?

There is a lot of advertising on the Internet, but you want your efforts to be noticed by the right people. Taking a “shotgun” approach just isn’t that effective, because a lot of those views and clicks are going to be wasted. By utilizing the robust targeting systems in Clicksor and utilizing the right type of ad media in the right context, you set yourself up for a much better chance at success. Go ahead and give Clicksor a try.

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