3 Steps to Deciding on the Best Optin Plugin

WordPress plugins offer an endless array of functions and capabilities, from sitemaps to CommentLuv to intregration with Amazon, plugins offer incredibly helpful solutions to bloggers.  But while plugins are a fun and even essential part of a blog deciding on which one to use for the purposes of building an email list is another matter.

Your subscriber list is as good as gold.  And bloggers are at a great advantage when it comes to building an email list.  Your blog is targeted and full of quality, niche specific content – just what an email subscriber finds intriguing. So if you haven’t added an optin form to your blog yet, now’s the time to do it.

Lots of Options Makes Way for Lots of Confusion

You already know that the use of optin forms on your blog is the only way of capturing your readers email address.  But how do you get that nifty little form on your blog?

The good news is that the development of WordPress plugins makes the task of adding an optin form to your blog really simple and easy.  With no coding required!

The bad news is that it’s a matter of deciding which one to use…

And that’s where the confusion comes in.

The 3 Steps to Determine which Plugin is Best for You

The first step to deciding on an optin plugin for your blog is to look at the method of collecting the subscriber information.  There are several methods of capturing your readers information – Here are some of them and how they work:

  • Pop-ups – Pop-ups are one of the most effective ways of growing an email list.  Essentially a pop-up pops up in front of a reader and forces them to look at it.  While sometimes called obnoxious, intrusive and annoying, they are proven converters.
  • Sidebar Optins – Sidebar optins are the most popular methods of collecting email addresses.  Sidebar optins are not as intrusive as pop-ups, but, for that reason, often get overlooked.
  • In Content Optin form – An In Content Optin form is a form that is nestled within the content of a post or article.  These forms are becoming more and more popular.
  • Comment Optin form – The Comment Optin form has the capability to allow the commenter to optin to your list while posting a comment.  This method is effective because it’s just a check of a box that subscribes them to your list.
  • Footer and Header Optins – Footer and header optins show at the very bottom and very top of your blog.  They aren’t quite popups, but aren’t in content either.  They don’t usually obstruct the content.

The next step to finding the right optin plugin for you is to look at the customization capabilities.  This step can make a big difference in how the plugin looks on your site.  Do you want to be able to choose everything from the style to the font to the colors?  Then a highly customizable plugin like OptinSkin may be just the thing for you.  Other options are WPSubscribers, MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet and PopUp Domination.

If customization is the last thing you want to mess with, then you need a more simple plugin.  The Newsletter Sign Up plugin offers a sidebar form, plus a comment form with minimal set up work.  Premium List Magnet has a Lite version, which is simple to configure.

The last step is to look at is the price.  Prices for optin plugins range from free to $147.  The free ones are going to be very limited and may only offer one type of form.  Whereas the paid plugins offer many features and several configurations.

Choose your Plugin and Start Testing

As with any essential plugin, the one you choose for your optin plays a vital role in building your subscriber list.  An unattractive form is not going to convert as well as an eye catching, nicely integrated form.

One with complimentary fonts and colors can literally double or even triple your subscriber rate.

The important thing is to choose one and start using it – start building your list today.

This post was written by Christine Brady, who teaches List Building for Entrepreneurs. She is the author of several niche info products and a serial blogger. Whether you have started your email list or are brand new to the idea of having a subscriber list, Christine can help you build, market to and grow a responsive email list.

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