Must Have WordPress Plugins that We Love – Infographic

Everyone has their own set of favorite WordPress plugins that they just can’t live without. Some people love flashy plugins, while others love plugins that clean up the overall experience and speed of a blog. No matter what type of plugins you prefer, we can all share in the common theme that we love what these little widgets and plugins can do for our blogs and make them different and unique from everyone else else.

The infographic below was created and inspired by our original post titled 7 WordPress Plugins to Make Blogging Easier. With all of the content writing, scheduling, link building and promotions we are focusing on for our blogs, it’s always nice to have some plugins that can make our lives easier.

Check out the crazy download numbers for some of the recommended plugins below, and be sure to grab the infographic code at the bottom of the post and share the content on your site with your readers!

1. WordPress SEO

2. After the Deadline –

3. Blogging Checklist

4. Editorial Calendar

5. BlogVault

6. Instant Weekly Roundup

7. WP Insert –

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<a href=’’><img src=’×1071.png’ width=’500′></a><br/><a href=’’>must have wordpress plugins</a>

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Alan Tay - August 21, 2012

I am seeing lots of infographics designed and published by you recently, Zac. Infographic is great because I learn a lot by reading less. One thing I really miss out is the editorial calendar here which I think this is one of the plugin which I had been trying to look for but do not know the right keyword to search it.

Thanks for the great infographic there ;)

    Zac Johnson - August 22, 2012

    Thanks, I’m playing around with a new site / program to see what I can create. They take a decent amount of time, but the good ones go viral, so let’s see what happens!

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