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For internet marketers and online campaign managers, GeoEdge is an excellent tool with which you can check how your website or blog is performing in more than 100 different locations.

Quite simply, if your business is based in India and you want to see the search engine ranking, visibility and other factors in Holland, you can’t go to Holland to check that, right? So what you do is use GeoEdge toolbar whose proxy servers are based in more than 100 locations worldwide and find out how the business is faring in Holland. Looks promising?

To give an honest review here, I signed up for a GeoEdge free trial. Within few minutes, the account was set up and you can read the review below.

GeoEdge Review

After the account was setup, I configured it with Chrome browser. The icon is shown on the toolbar in the browser.

GeoEdge Locations

Notice the location icon. It is presently set in ‘India’. Now to test this toolbar, I am using one of the top ranking keywords from my own blog, For the past 8 months, the keyword “ review” has given me the top spot for my blog and obviously, this is the highest traffic puller.

So when I searched the same keyword from ‘India’ location, I got the top spot:

India GeoEdge

Now, I want to see the rank of the same keyword from another country, let’s say, Germany. So I change the location from the toolbar, visit Google Search, type in the same keywords and what I get is the same ranking.

This means that if a person is sitting in Germany and searching for “ review”, my blog post will be on top. I checked this from many proxy locations, from the popular US states to the remote Slovenia, I got the same result.

Germany GeoEdge

From marketing point of view, I can safely conclude that yes, I am ranking on the top for this keyword in various countries.

Try this service yourself. This is very good for me!


I would suggest that if you use this service, it is better that you have already started making money from your online endeavors or you are damn serious about making money online. Otherwise, if you are blogging just for fun, there is no point in purchasing a GeoEdge membership.

Try it and tell me about your experience! I am sure you will like GeoEdge.

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