Is Your Blog Boring? How To Bring New Life to Your Posts

At its beginning, blogging is a riveting endeavor. When you’re first getting your feet wet, the ideas flow as quickly as running water down a stream, and readers are always ever so interested in everything you have to say. You can’t fathom a day when you’d ever want to cease weaving your thoughts, feelings, and ideas into blog posts. Inevitably, however, there will come dark days when writer’s block infects you, when you’re too busy to write a new post, and when you’ll be clueless what to write about.

It’s natural to go through more than a few ups and downs running your own blog; the good and bad times will ebb and flow, but it’s crucial to keep things into perspective. If you start to feel a little burnt out on blogging or look at your blog and feel nothing but shame, maybe it’s time to start incorporating some changes and revisions into your writing style or the blog itself. There are a lot of ways to bring new life to your blog and blogging style. It doesn’t take enrolling in college or erasing your blog and staring over from scratch, either. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and experimentation, and God knows every writer has a little bit of that in them. For those of you who are trying to revitalize your bogged-down blog, here are three tips and tricks to consider.

Incorporate New Recurring Columns

Some of the most successful magazines and newspapers rely on a tried-and-true model: recurring columns. These pieces allow you to set a theme for various days and tailor your posts to fit those themes. It might be difficult to figure out what you want your recurring columns to be, but once you do, it’ll make it a lot easier – not to mention fun –to write your posts. To incorporate recurring columns, first identify the genre of your blog and then brainstorm a list of ten recurring columns that could fit within the context of your blog’s genre. Try and narrow that list of potentials down to at least one-to-four recurring columns and get to posting! It may seem hard to do at first, but once you get the hang of your new columns, it will make it so much easier to write them; to top it off, readers will start forming their personal favorites and look forward to reading them each day.

Utilize the Magic of Guest Posts

During those periods of time when we extremely busy in our day-to-day lives, we often let a few things hit the back burner – including our blogs. If you find that you’re becoming too busy to write your own posts, consider inviting a few people onto your blog team to guest post every once in a while. A lot of people resist this step simply because they want to maintain creative control. Yet if you cultivate a circle of writers and bloggers you trust, you’ll be able to not only feel less stressed about updating your blog all the time, you’ll know that there will be a bit more diversity and creativity being weaved into your blog, and your readers will also love you for it.

Try new Templates and Designs

Whenever newspapers, blogs, or magazines start to hit creative speed bumps, they often go through periods of redesign. (Think of how Bon Appetit magazine changed its signature style in 2011). There’s nothing wrong with redesigning the look and feel of your blog; in fact, if you don’t, your blog might start to seem a little stagnant. Do yourself a favor and study the current details of your blog and decide what needs to be changed, what needs to go, and what can stay. Write down all the things you could potentially revise and then start testing them out. When you find themes and settings that vibe well with you and your readers, you’ll be on your way to blogging success.

If you’re having a tough time writing and managing your personal blog, fear not. All bloggers struggle with content and charisma from time to time, but with a little bit of revising and editing, your blog can be given a whole new life.

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