7 Ways to Optimize Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords section does not reveal in detail as to what factors are involved in their quality score analysis but the known fact is that when the quality score is higher, the campaign owner has to pay less for clicks. In other words, quality is the key for Google AdWords success and to make some decent money through products and services on your website / blog.

7 Ways to Optimize Google AdWords Campaign

Here are few ways to optimize Google AdWords campaign. Try to implement them in your present and future ad campaigns.

1) Choose Audience Centric Keywords

The purpose of AdWords is to attract people to click on your ads and land on your business site. Hence, it is necessary to speak the language of the audience, that is, choose keywords with which the intended audience is more likely to search rather than those keywords you want.

2) Taguchi Testing

A campaigner stands to lose clicks and waste money if Taguchi testing is not used. Also known as multivariate testing, this helps to improve site performance and conversion rate by testing multiple variations of landing pages. One can take more help through Google Conversion University and understand Taguchi testing better.

3) On-Page Optimization

No matter how wonderful your ad is and how attractive the landing page is, it won’t convert into sales and leads if the page is not optimized effectively. For on-page optimization, make sure it has enough back links, primary and secondary keywords, sitemap and call-to-action message. These factors will also impact the quality score so keep them in mind.

4) Select Relevant Site Partners

AdSense gives you a list of possible websites where, if you want, the ad/s will be displayed. These are called ad partner sites. Choose the ad partners selectively. If you sell women jewelry, there is no point in choosing male weight loss website, right?

5) Use Long Tail Keywords

In the last couple of years, search engine users are gradually switching from searching specific keywords to long tail ones. For instance, rather than searching ‘Samsung Reviews’, the person will search for ‘Samsung Galaxy Smartphone II’. Therefore, use keyword tools to find useful long tail keywords and incorporate them in the ad copy.

6) Use Search Funnels

The search funnels are tools that give you a clear path of how a conversion actually happened. It means that right from the moment of clicking on an ad to actual conversion; the funnels will show you all the places where the person clicked before converting. This report is very important as it will help to modify the ad campaigns and placements accordingly.

7) Do Split Testing

Split testing or A/B testing is important to optimize ads and get the best out of each dollar spent. Try new ad variations, change wordings, landing page, presentation and others to weed out the underperforming ads and focus on those bringing highest return on investment.


Managing Google AdWords is not easy. Most of the time, people tend to lose money than gain anything substantial. Follow the above seven tips and optimize your AdWords campaign successfully.


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