Making Viral Content into a Traffic Machine Over Night

Many people talk a lot about viral content and the link juice it passes on to your website. Some people say it’s not worth it to write compelling content because no on will ever read nor does anyone visits my site. This is so far from the truth because when you push publish on your blog then that’s when your able to be found by many and if that content goes viral then your in business.

Viral content can result in building backlinks to your site from tons of places and people clicking those links and following your site to the home page. This is a boost of ranking also because most of time those links are on good quality websites that hold some sort of authority in the search engines even if it’s a little.

Even though getting your content to go viral is like throwing a rock into the ocean and going out there to find it. There are still things you can do that will make it a little more easier to see some form of the viral movement. Check these tips out..

1. Create a Character

People love crazy videos and people who are interesting and different and making moves in the world. Like if you can create a character of yourself and pots it on your website and throughout your social network with some content linked to it then you might have something viral.

Link on my site I have the “Black SEO Guy” character that gets lots of attention when people come across him for the first time. So you can get somebody talking about something new and different then it maybe the recipe your looking for to make your website or content go viral.

2. Be The First

One of the things I do is that I watch lots of TV and not the realty type TV but the educational stuff that relates to marketing online and offline. So if I’m at home and a new programs comes on about a company that just lost money doing unethical business practices or so. Then I will rush online and blog about it before the program goes off to get a jump start on it. Now how many people do you think is watching that same program and will be doing Google searches the second it goes off..enough said

3. Catch Phrases

People get hooked to things that is repeated over and over and start to catch on to them. Like Burger King came up with the “Have It Your Way” slogan that continue to play on TV time after time. Now its all over the world and no matter where your at if someone utters those words then you know exactly what their talking about.

So think of coming up with something in that nature and put it at the beginning of your content and see if people start to get hook and maybe start linking to it. That’s a chance of having something go viral if you stay consistence enough with it.

4. Engaging Content

Once your able to write content that tries to get the reader involve then you have a chance at something viral. Meaning if you ask a question link “How Often Do You Brush Your Teeth?” This is something engaging and very interesting to certain people and we all will answer that question and most likely pass it on to our friends.

5. Piggy Back Off The Big Timers

One thing I love to do more then anything in this world is to connect with like minded people who is interested in networking. When I say networking I really just mean saying Hi or following them on the top social sites. Plus I might go by and comment on their blog to just show my face here and there.

Once they accept my Facebook or Twitter requests then I will go write some of my best content and link back to their website. After then I will share that link with them in hopes of them sharing it with their readers which in terms can mean viral traffic over time. This tact works mostly every time because I know if a person comments on my blog and follows me then I’m more likely to help them by sharing that’s a win-win situation.

6. Just Give It To Them

If your industry is about “public speaking” and there are many websites out there talking about the top 10 things that make you a better speaker. Then  I will say create a list of the “top 30 things that could ruin your speech.” If your able to go over board then yes there is a chance of having that content go viral.

I tell people you have to start somewhere first online to be able to dominate your market when it comes to content. Its not a over night that your stuff will go viral but if you use these tips and stay consistent then its pretty much sky’s the limit from there.

Hope you enjoyed this post and please share it so your friends can have the same opportunity to have their content go viral just as yours.

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