How to Make Money with Rx Medications and Blogging

In the world of blogging there are two different ways to look at everything. The first is that blogging is ridiculously easy to get started in, and the second is that there is a ton of money to be made. The big difference between starting a blog and actually making any money is what separates the real bloggers from those who simply “post content” and hope to make money.

In this post we are going to focus on the concept of how you can start blogging on the niche focus of Rx medical prescriptions, while providing valuable information to your readers and potentially making a lot of money in the process.

The first thing you are going to need is a blog. Most of you will already have one, but if not, you can order a domain name and get started in no time.

The next thing you will need is to find a quality Rx affiliate program such as, which is who we will be using as an example revenue source for this article.

A Little About and How It Makes You Money

Everyone knows that different niches markets make different types of money. There will always be a massive amount of money to be made in the dating, weight loss and pharmacy related niches. obviously specializes in promotion medical and pharmaceutical products which almost every needs. Since medicine is their bread and butter, you will have access to a network that promotes all of the major name brand offers and can pay out crazy high payouts in the $100 CPA range for every new Rx customer. The pay outs are so high on these leads because they result in long term customers for the companies they represent.

For anyone who would like to sign up as an affiliate with RXProfits, it’s a very quick registration process. You just need to fill in your basic information, create a user name and select if you want to earn revenue on a CPA basis or through a Rev Share. An affiliate manager will get back to you in the next 24-48 hours on the approval of your account and how to proceed with marketing promotions. Once you are setup with your account, you can start running traffic to the many different products and online pharmacy stores offered through RX Profits.

How to Make Money with Rx Medications and Blogging

Now let’s start talking about the fun ways we can start making money with blogging and affiliate programs such as Just take a moment to think about how many people in the world, or even just the USA are taking some form of prescription drugs and getting prescribed new drugs every day. One of the first things these people do is go online to read up on what these drugs are, their side effects, how much they cost and as much other information they can possibly find on these topics.

An excellent way you that you can start making money through blogging is by creating niche drug related sites that provide all of this useful information to the millions of people who are looking for this information every day. Yes, there are plenty of sites out there that already provide this information, but you can focus your efforts on specific drug brands or products, symptoms, coupons and so much more.

The value is the in the quality of content you build around your site, but all of your readers will be extremely targeted to your site advertising, which would be affiliate links through products. You would only need a small fraction of your site visitors to sign up through your links to make good money since the pay outs are in the $100 CPA range.

To get an idea on what type of med searches people are making every day, and the massive amount of search volume you can target on long tail keywords, be sure to play around with the Google Keyword Tool and throw in some of the current medications you have lying around the house. You might be surprised at what you come across!

More About Earnings Potential

Now that you have a few ideas on how you can start putting content together for a pharmaceutical based blog, I also wanted to share a few more details on RxProfits and their payouts and different ways you can promote their offers.

  • Unbeatable RevShare of up to 50% on every order OR $100 CPA on each new Rx customer at our Rx CPA network- the absolute highest in the online pharmacy affiliate industry, plus our affiliates score the best conversions
  • You get fast, easy and steady payouts on a weekly basis (via wire, Paxum E-Wallet, WebMoney and more)
  • Tailored commission terms for high-performing Rx affiliates
  • Your commissions are unaffected by customer refunds or chargebacks!
  • 365-day cookie tracking increases commissions from returning customers
  • Average sale amount of $250 per order
  • No maximum limits whatsoever on your pharmacy affiliate earnings

Be sure to sign up for the RX Profits affiliate program and feel free to contact them directly to see how they can help you with your blogging ideas and setting up some new revenue generating sites.

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