Video Marketing: Another Option For Your Small Business

Once you start to get involved, you can easily get swamped and confused by all the different choices when it comes to Internet marketing. Blogs and articles as well as other kinds of optimized content have always been the bread and butter, and while there haven’t been many really serious contenders to knock them off their Content is King throne, video marketing has hung around long enough now to be considered a real player for your advertising dollar.

Making a video for this purpose is as easy as uploading one that you’ve made to YouTube and then transferring it to your site. Or at least that’s the simple version of how this technique can work for your business. In reality there’s a few more choices you need to make that center around, as you might have guessed, the content that you’ll have on the video.

Here’s a few ideas that should help to get you started.

First off, you need to decide on the kind of format that best suits your enterprise. Having someone interview you puts a face to the business and gets the information out that you want released, but this type of video isn’t as effective if you’re not a sole enterprise. If you’ve got employees, you need to pick the person that will represent the brand. Hiring a professional is one way to go if you’re looking for a particularly expert touch.

Keep the message short and to the point. There’s not a lot of difference between text and video in that you’ve got to grab and hold your prospect’s attention. The best advice here is to keep the video around the three to five minute range so you don’t bore possible clients. Remember to look at the camera as much as you can. People watching will interpret this as eye contact and the more you look away, the more it looks like you’re hiding something.

Some of the features that work well with video marketing are product demonstrations. You need to be careful not to think that demonstrating the advantages, features and even benefits of your product on the screen can replace written instructions. Most people prefer to read about how something works and then supplement what they don’t understand by watching it in action through a video.

Remember that if you don’t look at what the competition is doing, you run the risk of copying them and creating similar videos. You need to stress what’s different about your product and /or service and make sure that comes out on the screen.

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