40 Awesome Podcasting Tools

In an earlier post, I covered the top ten podcasting creation tools. In this section, I will enlist all those tools (inspired from Mashable.com), which can be used to go live, share podcast, network, and record video podcast, promote podcasts and host of other stuffs!

List of 40 Awesome Podcasting Tools

Premium Podcasting

These podcasting tools are not free. These paid ones can be used to host the podcast recordings to secure servers and they can be shared with others.

1) Podcast Spot

2) Hipcast

3) Libsyn

4) Switch Pod

Podcasting Directories

Much like article directories where you publish articles with a link back or two to your main site, podcasting directories function in the same manner as you can upload your podcasts, and viewers of the podcast can come to your business site through the link mention there. Further, these directories allow podcast embedding too; therefore, giving your blog more traction.

5) Digital Podcast

6) Podcast Alley

7) Yahoo Podcasts

8) Mobil Cast

9) Podcast Directory

10) Pod Feed

11) iAmplify

12) Grepr Podcasts

Text to Podcast to Text

These are conversion tools which will convert your podcast into text and texts into podcast seamlessly through RSS feeds, blog posts and text articles.

13) Casting Words

14) Odiogo

15) Feed 2 Podcast

16) Talkr

17) Blue Grind

Podcasting Advertisement

Like I mentioned in the advantages of podcasting blog, podcasting is a good way to earn revenues as well through advertisements. These three tools will connect you with potential advertisers, much like BuySellAds. Check out the individual TOS before signing up!

18) Podtrac

19) Podbridge

20) Podango

Video and Mobile Podcasting

Most of the podcasts are audio in nature. However, you can create video podcasts too and/or use mobile platforms to create, upload and publish podcasts. Here are some tools:

21) Yodio

22) Gabcast

23) Podlinez

24) Blip.tv

25) Veodia

Podcasting Search and Forums

If you want to search podcasts on few topics or if you want to join any podcast-exclusive forums, use these tools:

26) Pod Nova

27) Pluggd

28) Pod Scope

29) Everyzing

30) Podcast Alley Forum

31) World Podcast Forum

32) Digital Podcast Forum

33) Podcast Buffet

34) India Podcasts

35) Reaper

36) Opera Podcasts

37) Tech News Podcasts

38) Cast Roller

39) Blog Talk Radio

40) Podcast 411

…..that’s it!


I really hope you will find these podcasting tools beneficial. If I have missed any podcasting tools, kindly mention in the comments below.


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