Create Amazing Infographics to Increase Viral Blog Traffic

Everyone knows that a major player in any type of blog or web site traffic is being able to create something that goes viral. Few things go viral and provide high quality content at the same time like infographics do. Everyone loves infographics and not only do they make the process of reading and learning fun, but they are a bit hit among the social networks. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, infographics can be created for virtually anything you can think of.

One of the biggest problems with creating infographics is that it seems to be a secret art form. Not everyone has the skills to use Photoshop and be a master designer. Another complex area of creating your own infographic is having to pull all of the information together to make the infographic work and makes sense.

For times like these, it’s best to outsource your infographic design work to someone that has a proven track record, amazing quality and also won’t charge you thousands of dollars in the process. The group over at have created an amazing portfolio of infographics that they have all custom created, and they would love to create one for you as well.

Let’s take a look at some of their amazing design work. Click on any of the infographics below to view the full version.

Astonishing Stats on Social Media Usage in 2012 Infographic

How a Bad Infographic Can Ruin Your Business Infographic

All You Wanted to Know About Viral Marketing Infographic

How to Make Your Content Viral Infographic

Breaking Down the Infographic Design Process

As a site owner or blogger, I’m sure you have plenty of ideas for great infographics that you could use for your site, you simply don’t know how to create the designs and put all of the data together. That is where Infographic Design Team’s design process comes in.

To create your infographic, all you need to do is look through their current portfolio and see what type of design best represents what you would like to have created. You will then follow up with their design team to include your instructions on design, data and how you would like everything to come together. Within three to five days you will have the first design draft of your completed infographic. Should there be any design changes and revisions, the Infographic Design Team will gladly make any necessary changes to make your infographic perfect.

How to Order Your Infographic

As mentioned earlier, there are many other infographic design services out there that are currently charging over $1000-$2000 for each infographic they create! These types of high prices are what eliminates regular bloggers and site owners from being able to create and use their own infographics.

Creating your infographic through Infographic Design Team, rates starts at just $399 and go up to $1499 for the largest and most complex packages. To get started with your own infographic design and open up a whole new world of viral traffic coming to your web site or blog, be sure to visit

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