Three Reasons You Need Blogs for Successful Internet Marketing

Content is King.  That statement was as true five years ago as it is today, the difference being there are many more ways to get that content today than there were just five years ago. With the advent of mobile and video advertising, there are marketers that are wondering if the old school ways to get the message out like blogs are still relevant. Here’s three good reasons why you still need to use blogs as part of your overall Internet advertising package.

  1. First of all, blogs lend themselves perfectly to search engine optimization (seo) and that’s still the lynch-pin of any  good advertising campaign. Whether your clients are shopping on a tablet, smart phone or laptop, the chances are they’re searching using Google and that means you need seo to get a leg up on the competition. That means that keywords count big and the blog is the perfect vehicle to embed these invaluable helpers.
  2. Blogs are informative. Value added is what good advertising is all about in the modern world, and anything that you can do to position yourself as an expert while at the same time increasing your page ranking is a one two punch you can’t afford to ignore. Having blogs that are professionally written gives your readers a sense they can trust your judgements and they’ll be more likely to buy your goods and services when they feel good about what you’ve got to say.
  3. Blogs have a good reputation. When you stop and think about all the crazes that have come and gone in the world of Internet advertising, you’ll see that blogs have become a standard. Sure there are other vehicles that grab the limelight like videos and even mobile apps that include text, but the blog and the website are still the foundations for any business that wants to get noticed and stay that way.

Business that wants long term and lasting effects look to blogs as one of the staples of their Internet advertising diet. Remember that young or old shoppers like to look at videos, flash websites and even adore the latest mobile apps, but they also want something solid they can refer to over and over again to make any final purchasing decisions and that’s text in general and blogs specifically.

Getting a solid professional to write them for you is a great idea and finding a freelancer with a background in journalism is the best way to go.

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