Terrible Mistakes Bloggers Make That Cost Them Sales

“Hurray! It feels good being a blogger because it is kinda fun and there are so many benefits in it. I can’t believe I am doing this. Gosh! I am breathless!” Pause for just one minute, will you? I know it is a joyful thing to be among millions of bloggers, but think about it; are you one of the best and most intelligent ones, or, are you fond of making mistakes?

Looking at it from a high table, it is not easy to be a good blogger, and it is very easy to be a blogger. I know you are confused by my answer, and I will explain further. Being a blogger requires the use of your head and the following of instructions. Remember that other people were there before you and some of them have lost large sums of money because they refused to learn from their mistakes. Speaking of the devil, I will do you the favor of listing the general mistakes that are being made and I expect that you correct them if you are fond of doing it over and over.


1. Having no call to action: most people spend long hours guest posting and formatting websites, but, one thing they don’t know is that when your readers are not told where, and when to take action, it will just be a waste of time and effort. This is so, because they will just visit your site and turn their backs to it, leaving you and your article with each other. There must be a need to subscribe; and also comment for more adverts and to draw more readers close.

2. Below the fold: it is very true that most of the people who visit blogs do not scroll to the last full stop because they feel the valuable contents are above. So, if you want to have an increase in readers, you will need to put your main point, which is called “your point to action” at the top of your page.

3. Being less confident and lack authority: having authority will draw your readers closer, and they will be able to identify what to do and what not to do. Without this, your readers will lack the confidence to browse through your site and you will begin to count your losses.

4. Too much self proclaimed hype: this is somehow related to pride because you cannot say your blog is the best without having a third eye looking into it; so, it is best you leave it out of your call to action. The only way to have an increase in subscribers and readers is by having an industry authority quote.

5. Not being specific: you must not let your readers remain in the dark for too long because not all of them are patient. All you need to do is to spell out to them, the right things to do like clicking on a link, or inserting their email address. These things are very important in your call to action.

6. Having excess calls to action: your calls to action must be specific because when there are too many, your readers will be confused on what to do and the only option they will have is to leave your site to the only person that understands it. Pick one or two actions and build your ideas around it so you’ll be able to make sales.

7. Tiny call to action: if you really want your call to action to be visible, you’ll need to make it legible, so, no one will miss it.

8. No benefit to signing up: the usage if the word “free” will motivate readers and their signing up will give you permission to sell your products.

9. Having no social proof: to make someone take an action on your blog is to make them knowledgeable of the fact that other people have done it and think up more ways to lend credibility.

10. Having no urgency: one of the reasons why bloggers are not successful is that they do not input motivation, and this makes their leaders lose opportunities. If you want your products to be sold, offer your readers limited time so that there would be a rush and action will be taken immediately by them.

11. Taking too many risks: if a financial transaction is involved in your call to action, the need for a free trial or a refund guarantee will help increase sales; and if something can be gotten for free, it should be stated on time.

12. Having no credibility: this is for new bloggers who are aspiring to get people to take action. To be successful in this area, you have to input the logo of your biggest customers above your call to action because it will make it known that your products have been accepted by the market; while the second thing is that you must begin guest posting to very popular blogs for you to be identified.

13. Being loaded with jargon: to get the attention of your readers, you must use words that will be well understood by them because the use of simple words will help persuade them faster than big words.

14. Using undefined sales funnel: being a content marketer, you must first of all, begin with free products to build your email and then build an efficient funnel that will convert your readers to subscribers and then to customers.

15. Having no tangible benefit: selling of products must come with benefits and not features because it will allow readers to imagine great things if they decide to take action on your site. All you need to do is to be honest and be truthful of what your product and service will do.

16. Having no empathy: every blogger dreams about a post that circulates round the globe and a few of them have their dreams on designing the perfect headline which is the thing that will make it happen. This can be made effective when the blogger goes into the souls of readers and know how to make their dreams come true.

In order not to make the mistakes other bloggers have been making, you must review these steps and put them into practice until you’ve created an irresistible call to action. Remember that time is money and it must be used effectively.

This post was written by Kenneth Ifeanyi, who is an Internet Marketer who focuses on sharing tested and proven ways to make money online through passive income secrets. Grab his free report on how to rank number 1 in Google even after the panda and penguin update .

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