Excellent Tips for Writing Awesome Content

Content is the life of any website. It’s what people look for when they visit your blog. Content describes what your site is all about. It’s the very thing that draws the interest of your readers. Website content can go viral, spreading like wildfire. Some people do it overnight while others do it consistently. If you want your content to reach the same mileage, here are some tips you can look at.

The Drive. Whether it’s your blog or your company’s website, you got to have the drive to WRITE. You have to love writing at the very least. When you force yourself to write, the outcome will not be good. If you will publish content continuously, you better love what you’re doing! Writing is the very basic skill in creating website content. You have to enjoy writing to be able to publish engaging articles.

The Niche. With so many sites to browse in the web, you need to find your niche to stand out. Writers and bloggers who are experts on certain topics get a lot of readers. You need to talk about the things you know best. If you love to eat, a food blog can be your forte. If motherhood is your primary vocation, you can create a website about your experiences on being a mom. Be the expert in your own website and capitalize on your niche.

The Trend. A website thrives when it’s relevant. When you’ve determined what you’ll focus on in your blog or site, always look for the latest trend in that topic. If you’re a book lover with a book blog, you’ve got to drop in a word every now and then about the newest titles released by leading publishers. If you’re a fashion blogger, you ought to know the latest season collections by top designers. When you’re up to date, people will rely on you for the hottest news on your expertise.

The Timing. You need to know the time when your readers visit your page the most. Try to publish your articles around that time so they can easily read your new posts. If weekends are your peak days, make sure that you have something new to offer on those days. Timing the publishing of your content is also crucial to how quick it will be shared to other readers. If you publish late at night or wee hours in the morning, very few people will read that. Whereas if you publish it around lunch break, more people can read it and if interesting enough, share it.

The Title. Your content title should elicit interest from your readers. It should be both clear and thought-provoking. Try to incorporate the 3 C’s when coming up with a title—controversial, connected, and communicative. When these characteristics are found in your title it will rouse the curiosity from your readers, making them read the rest of the content.

The Teaser. If you plan to announce something big in your site, make sure you drop teasers that will create interest among your readers. Witty and creative teasers create so much buzz most especially when shared in social networking sites. Cool teasers tend to go viral, too! Think about movie trailers and how it gets viewers excited. You need to create teasers that will make your readers beg for the big reveal.

The Look. The way your website is designed should complement your content. You should be able to communicate your content professionally even if you’re writing about a hip and cool topic. A lot of this has to do with the way your site looks—from the colors to the easy-to-navigate user interface. Having a professional looking site also communicates that the opinions and information placed there are reliable.

The Research. For your content to be viral, it should be backed up by research. Opinions alone will not make your content “newsworthy,” so to speak. Whatever it is you’re knowledgeable about you should be able to back it up with information from other experts or share the latest on that field. Research will make your content relevant and trustworthy.

The Quality. Quality is almost always more important than quantity. Even if you post a new content everyday but if it only contains shallow senseless blabber, no one will be interested to read that. Good grammar is one of the indications of good quality content. When your sentences are coherent and your grammar is flawless, it gives your readers the impression that what you’re writing about is quality material.

The Length. Keep your content short and direct to the point. When you make long content, readers tend to get lazy to read the rest of the article. However, a short content that’s also meaty at the same time will quickly trigger your readers’ curiosity, making it even easy to share with others.

Creating a viral content needs a lot of creativity. You need to be able to combine the witty and funny aspects of your content. You have to make it provocative yet factual. Engage your readers to share your content and be mindful of the quality of your material. At this day and age, any information can be accessed in the web. You need to have a content that stands above the rest to make it viral. Uniqueness and specialization will give you a good head start in creating a relevant viral content.

This post was written by Alexis Thompson, who is an alumna from Martin College Australia, a former Mountain Backpacker and a 26 year old mother of 2 daughters, Sophie and Rhian. She is into almost all types of Music especially The Fray and Hillsong. She also has a passion in Singing and Scrap Booking. Follow her escapades on her Twitter.

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