Creating A News Site to Attract More Blog Traffic

By Chitraparna Sinha | Blogging Guide

Jul 04

Getting blog traffic has become a full-time job for professional bloggers after the Panda and Penguin update. We have no idea about the changes Google tends to make every month to its search engine and we are left groping in the dark.

Drawing targeted blog traffic is the most effected.

Creating A News Site to Get Blog Traffic

Though the idea is not new entirely, it good to reconsider few older ways to draw traffic time and again. Appending a “news” section to your targeted blog or website means:

  • Fresh content
  • Regular content
  • Establish your authority
  • High SERP’s

…..higher blog traffic

Creating a news site in niches like small businesses, freelancing, technology or health problems will give you optimal benefit. You can check this out through the Google Keyword Research Tool or simply go to Google Search > type “small business” > select “News” from the left hand bar and see the results.

Are You Serious About Blogging?

Whether the news section of your blog will be successful or not to draw blog traffic depends on your devotion and commitment.

I am not asking you to glean the niche news content daily and post their links on your blog. That’s won’t work.

What you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Start a sub-domain for publishing news items.
  • Select your niche. If you want to cover only “small business” news from USA (your target market), set up Google Alerts with varied keywords like “small business USA”, “USA small business”, “small business NYC” and others. Your choice of keywords depends on your target market.
  • For the next 3 days, research the kind of news updates you are getting through these Google Alerts. This is to see whether you have the right kind of news hitting your inbox.
  • If there is no problem in the previous step, make a plan to write these news pieces. You can either write on your own or outsources them. Each news piece can be approx. 250 words. If you have to write 5 news pieces daily, it shouldn’t take more than 2 hours utmost.  Of course, the frequency of these postings depend on your niche. But 5 should be the maximum number.
  • If you do the on-page SEO corrently, you don’t have to promote this section separately because news content pieces get indexed faster.

If you are selective about the news pieces, that is, write about the relevant ones on your blog, there will be a definite increase in blog traffic.

Note: If you are creating mailing list, make sure to decide how you want to send the news items because no subscriber will like to receive 4-5 website updates daily. It becomes difficult to follow up. Hence, sending a newsletter once a week is acceptable.


About the Author

Chitraparna Sinha is the founder of Esmee Network, a company that offers digital marketing solutions to business owners through creatively engaging content development and marketing services across multiple verticals to improve branding and business revenue. She has been writing weekly columns on BloggingTips since early 2012.

Andi the Minion July 5, 2012

My fear with news style sites is the amount of updates pushes good content down the list, and eventually to keep on top of bringing news to the masses you become like Mashable who post weak luke warm stories that are not helpful to anyone. However, I do like the idea that they can generate a lot of traffic which should create great advertising revenue, even though Huffington Post and The Daily Mail in the UK are rumoured to be huge traffic generating sites that are yet to make money!


    Chitraparna Sinha July 8, 2012

    That’s the reason I said news updates have to be very selective. Without being selective, your whole day will be spent writing news pieces. The purpose of a news site is to bring traffic basically. It is good for websites which are selling products and services. It helps to build brand and gives better exposure.

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