Tools to Use in Affiliate Marketing Program

In blogging, affiliate earnings constitute a major portion of a blogger’s earning; thus, it is essential that the affiliate marketing tools a blogger uses should be appropriate to implement an affiliate marketing campaign. Moreover, it is also needed that the marketer remains aware of all the development taking place within the same niche. Right?

With this in mind, I give you some affiliate marketing tools that you can make use of in your next affiliate marketing campaign.

1) Google Keyword Tool

Rarely will you find any affiliate marketer who does not use the Google keyword tool to understand a niche market and analyze keywords related to that selected market. The keyword tool shows you real data of things that are in vogue to help you prepare your campaign accordingly.

Before you even think of affiliate marketing within a certain niche, use this tool to understand the market demand.


A single point of service platform, is an essential tool for social media integration. All you need to do is create a Ping account, sync your blog/s with it, sync all the social networking account with it (there are more than 200 social networking platforms available) and rest easy.

Every time there is a new blog post / review on your website, will intimidate all the synched social networking accounts of this development. Don’t worry, if you make any edits to an already published post, will not “ping” again because it will be considered as spamming.

3) Spyfu

As the name suggests, the Spyfu tool “spies” on your competitors giving you trustworthy information about the keywords your competitors have purchased from Google AdWords. Affiliate marketing experts swear by this tool because it is ultra beneficial for planning any affiliate marketing campaign towards a selectively targeted niche.

This is not all. The tool will also give you information about the activities of your competitors on other advertisement programs.

4) Stealth Keyword Digger

If you want to find out top paying keywords in an already competitive or medium competitive market, use this affiliate marketing tool. Even in a high competitive environment, it will show you keywords that are worth investing your money.

5) Word Tracker

This is a free affiliate marketing tool which helps you to research high potential keywords that can bring traffic on the landing page / website / blog. If you intend to use PPC advertisement, use this free tool by all means.


This is by no means an exhaustive list. I only highlighted those tools which I have used myself or have seen others using them. I hope this list proves beneficial. If you know of more such tools, please mention in the comments section.


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