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As bloggers, can truly appreciate the value in finding that perfect WordPress theme that looks great with our sites and actually has all of the features and navigation settings that we are looking for. This can also be true for when we want to build a web site or blog that is focused on an exact task, such as being a coupon site, creating a job board or even a classified ads site. The problem is that many of us simply don’t know how to code and design WordPress themes, let alone any idea how to make a back end interface to manage all of the complexities of running heavy content sites like the ones discussed.

Fortunately there are other companies and services out there who do specialize in creating these types of themes for the rest of us. AppThemes has been around for a while now, and they are simply awesome at what they do… which is building all-in-one WordPress theme business and site packages. Remember how I was saying you could run a coupon, job board or classifieds site through WordPress if you have the vast coding knowledge or a team of programmers? Now you don’t have to, since AppThemes has already created these killer theme and plugin packs for you.

What makes AppThemes stand out from the other hundreds of WordPress theme design sites out there, is that AppThemes adds novel functionality to their themes and they are actually fully functional web apps. In short, you are getting a lot more than a WordPress themes, but instead a premium wordpress app that also acts as a full content management solution catered toward specific site niches and tasks.

Let’s take a deeper look into what AppThemes has to offer.

AppThemes WordPress Themes

When it comes to creating advanced WordPress driven content based web sites, AppThemes has made the whole process a lot easier for most of us. Just a couple years ago they came out with their first theme and have been releasing new ones ever since. I’m addicted to creating web sites and blogs with killer site designs, so AppThemes has been on my radar for quite some time now and it’s always interesting to see what they have been working on.

You can see a few examples of the current themes available through AppThemes below, then a detailed description of each, along with a live preview link to each theme. Instead of having to create a custom WordPress theme design, plugins and content management system, all of the themes from AppThemes are already built and ready to go once purchased.

Vantage (NEW) – Transform your site into a professional business directory.
ClassiPress – A classifieds ads application to quickly run your own classifieds website.
JobRoller – A job board platform for running your own online recruitment business.
Clipper – Turns your WordPress site into a fully featured coupon codes site.
QualityControl – An issue tracking platform for project / help desk management

AppThemes WordPress Showcase

You may notice that the WordPress themes issued by AppThemes all have a similar theme design. This is to show the content, features and navigation available through the themes. When you decide to use one of the themes for your own site, you can leave them with the default theme or have them custom designed. The best way to get an idea of what is possible through the use of AppThemes’ themes, is to look through their showcase area, where you can see a ton of web sites that are currently running off their themes. No matter what theme or design you choose, in the end the success of your blog / site will come down to your content and marketing efforts.

How to Build a Site and Make Money Using AppThemes

The end goal for most online marketers and bloggers is to make money with their sites. The process of creating a blog from scratch, building content and eventually getting to a profitable and monetized level can take quite some time. Through the use of AppThemes’ themes you can have a business model from day one, then you just need to focus your efforts on content generation and marketing.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the coupon niche and never got to start a site of my own, but I always knew there was a ton of money to be made. The last thing I wanted to start up was a new project that I couldn’t dedicate a lot of time and attention to, especially one that would required programmers and a big heavy back end that I would need to learn. Had I come across the “Clipper” theme from AppThemes, I probably would have went ahead with creating a niche coupon site of my own. Anyone can start building their own coupon site, using data feeds and quickly monetize the site with Google Adsense or affiliate links. With the massive reach of Facebook and their billion users, you can also build up a nice audience of moms looking for coupons, which you can then send back to your site.

The coupon niche is just one are that AppThemes specializes in. Be sure to take a look at their site and see what ideas start flowing through your head about what you can accomplish with their themes.

You can individually purchase the Clipper theme or access all of the themes AppThemes has to offer. Each theme starts out a $99 each, or you can join their AppThemes Club Standard package, which costs only $249 and gives you access to all of their themes and 12 months of updates. Save even more by using coupon code “ZACJOHNSON” to save 15% on any AppThemes purchase right now.

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