5 Ways to Build Your Own Money Making Business Using WordPress

There are plenty of ways to make money with a wordpress driven site, we have listed a few of these ideas and methods for you below.

1. Build a Fiverr like site

Fiverr is a website where people offer small gigs for $5. So you can build similar site where people can sell their service, you can keep the pricing as fixed $5 or $10 and can keep certain margin (10%) to yourself as profit.

How to Build it – You can use sitemile theme which create a similar site like fiverr. The theme costs USD 70.

How to use/build your business – Don’t build another horizontal site like fiverr but build a very niche site, say only offering articles for $4 or creating logos for $10. Build something which can be sold to webmasters as they are early adapters and they don’t need lot of up selling.

2. Build a vertical Pinterest

How to build it – You can download Pinterest clone theme from here, it costs $60 and there are many other similar themes available on web.

How to use/build your business – Again build a vertical niche site, say on watches or anything which has many affiliates and promote their products. You can also build lolcats or funny images site and use adsense to monetize it. The earnings may not be much but the market is huge. You can also build a Pinterest for business owners or for rock bands. For customization, you may want to use some freelancer.

3. Build an Digital good store –

There are plenty of small ecommerce sites built on wordpress so you can build it one but giving your own spin to it by selling digital goods.

How to use/build your business – using wpstorecart, you can build your own ecommerce website(there are few more plugins available too).

How to use it – Don’t sell physical products unless you can do drop shipping or have some channels to do it. Sell online products, say ebooks or tutorials. You can either create the content yourself or can get it created using sites like workmonk. You can also use multi user plugin and allow others to sell their digital products. Again, go vertical, choose something very niche.

4. Build a High end local Business Directory

If you are in some large city, you can build a web directory (not website directory but something more local and niche)

How to Build it – there are plenty of plugins to create wordpress directory, for example you can use this.

How to use/build your business  – Look to build local angieslist or to build local directory for Vets, doctors and lawyers and anyone who is willing to pay you for any lead.

5. Online Coupon or Deals Business

What it is – Build a vertical online coupon business, again don’t go vertical but target high end niche verticals, for example you can build a hosting coupon site where you can put affiliate links. You can get more ideas browsing cj.com and clickbank.com. You can build multiple such coupon sites.

How to use/build your business – You can use JC Plugin to build a site like retailmenot. There are other similar plugins too, so your research. You can use RSS feeds of other coupon sites as well as big sites to keep your coupon site regularly updated. Of course, there is nothing better than building a niche site with fresh working coupons.

Bonus Ideas

  • You can build a local classified site where you can show paid posting to the top.
  • You can also build a membership website using wordpress and can sell digital goods to your members on monthly subscription fees.
  • You can start your own daily deals sites as well by aggregating other deal sites.

This post was written by Pushkar, who is the Founder of WorkMonk, a freelancing platform where we manage freelancers and vendors for you and take care of all your back end work so you can focus on building your business.

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