5 Smart Youtube Video Marketing Tips That Work

Are you a video marketer yet?    youtube video marketing

Promoting your website; products and services with videos can make a great impact.

People love videos. We mostly spend our leisure times watching videos.

In web marketing, visuals can make the words on the page more appealing. That’s the reason why we use photos on our posts.

You should visit YouTube and see the number of views a particular video has.

It’s so important that you begin to look outside articles, press releases and blog posts as the only medium for content delivery.

Content marketing covers videos, slideshows, presentations, digital clips, articles, reviews, blog posts and so on. We know that the entire web is powered by words. But videos and other contents play a great role when you want results. I want to share 5 tips to get you started:

1.     Keyword targeting

When creating a video for YouTube, you’ve to understand that search engine spiders would crawl and index it. No matter what type of video you’re trying to create, make sure you’ve the target keywords intact.

Keyword research is the first task for video creation. Professional video bloggers would advise you to target a unique keyword in every clip – which is the best advice ever.

If the keyword is less competitive, the chance of ranking on Google first page is increased. Long-tail keyword tends to produce better search engine results for YouTube videos.

2.     Watch helpful videos

It’s important to watch what others have uploaded to their channels. You’ll learn a lot from video creation experts. There are secrets and tactics which tends to produce clearer and concise scene for the people.

Just like reading helps increase our vocabulary and writing skills, watching helpful videos will make your clips stand out from the millions when you start creating them. And most importantly, when you read, leave an intelligent comment.

Add your 2-cent to appreciate or question the channel editor. Sharing is a function of love and who knows, the person you watched and commented on his video may reciprocate the love.

3.     Increase your friends

You know how twitter and Facebook works. Oftentimes, your success will be determined by the number of followers and fans you have. The same principle applies to YouTube.

You need to increase your friends. When a lot of people are following you, they would gladly share, comment and increase your channel’s authority. This act of kindness from friends has a strong impact on your videos. Be serious about it.

Search engines in turn would rank your video highly, especially when you’re targeting a particular long-tail keyword. Be relevant. Entertain your friends and they would promote your videos massively. Do you want to increase your friends and Youtube views? today!

4.     Create short videos

To effectively reach your target audience and market your products and services, every marketing campaign you promote must be short and relevant. On YouTube, short video usually gets viewed more than videos, which take hours to watch.

You should understand that people’s attention span is low. They want the real meat as quickly as possible. Don’t get involved with lengthy advertisements and neglect the offer you’ve for your audience. Create a short video and promote it with every ounce of your being.

5.     Call to action

Every YouTube video you create must have a call-to-action button or link at the end. This is so important because you want people to take a step after watching your awesome video.

A call-to-action instruction would work better if your video was helpful, insightful and quick. Some videos I’ve watched recently helped me to solve a particular problem, but it was way too long.

When the call to action scene appeared, I couldn’t click or visit the page. I was tired and needed to have some coffee. The bottom-line is to create a short video, targeting a unique and long-tail keyword and initiate a call to action immediately.

See you at the top!

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