Zac Johnson Interviewed on Fox News During BlogWorld

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of blogging. Not only have I spoken at BlogWorld every year since the event first launched several years ago, but I have always been an advocate for how beneficial it is to attend this conference, no matter what type of blogger or online marketer you may be.

This year at BlogWorld was no exception. I was on an excellent panel this year with Chris Garret, Syed Balkhi and John Rampton… we all had own selection of slides which covered what we did to build up our web sites and blogs to what they are today. I specifically talked about branding and how important it is to get your name out there and get people to follow you and remember who you are. All of this plays an important part in the end goal of your blog’s success, branding and how you do business online. You can view my BlogWorld presentation slides to get an idea about what was discussed during the panel.

Another surprise at BlogWorld New York this year was that I was able to meet up with the producer of The O’Reilly Factor from Fox News and do a short interview which aired earlier this week. This was my second appearance on national television, as I was previously on ABC News back in 2010. It’s always an honor and thrill to get featured on any television station, but when you get on the BIG 3 it’s quite amazing.

I was quite excited to see what Fox News was going to put together with all of the content they collected from BlogWorld, but was surprised to see they displayed the event in a different light than many would expect. Instead of talking about the future of blogging and how it’s changing the way people do business online and how individuals are able to make a second or full time income from home, they took another route and almost made a joke out of the event and attendees. I was also unhappy to see that no one had their names featured during the interview. Even Rick Calvert, the creator of BlogWorld, was featured in the interview, but the average viewer would never have known this as he appeared to just be another person at the event.

You can watch the full segment on the Fox News web site to see for yourself.

BlogWorld recently changed their name to NMX, which stands for New Media Expo and is held twice a year in New York City and Las Vegas. If you ever get the opportunity to attend the event, definitely make sure you do!

In the end, BlogWorld NY 2012 was a huge success and it was awesome to be interviewed and appear on Fox News. Even though BlogWorld didn’t get the lasting impression it should have, any exposure for the event is great to see. Be sure to visit the Fox News web site and watch the full video, then send Bill O’Reilly an email at and let him know what you think about their coverage and portrayal of BlogWorld.

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