The Importance of Exercise for Successful Blogging

I want to tell you a little secret.

Most people tell you that practicing your blogging skills every day, taking courses, honing your writing voice, learning about SEO or educating yourself on all matters of marketing are the most important aspects of being a successful blogger.

While these points are certainly extremely important, there is one hardly talked about principal that stands in most writers’ way of ever being massively outstanding: exercise.

If you’re groaning and rolling your eyes right now, I completely understand. Working out can be such a burden, a source of discomfort and displeasure, but it doesn’t have to be.

We all can find a form of exercise that makes us instantly and passionately fall in love with it, whether that is yoga, Zumba, basketball, indoor cycling, weight lifting, running, body step, body attack or simply walking. We live in a world with more choices than we can handle and the excuse of not finding the right fit for you is simply that: a lazy excuse.

However, once you tap into this world of moving your body regularly, of feeling your muscles, connecting with your strength and testing your limits, the repercussion it has on your writing career is amazing.

What exactly are the benefits of exercise on blogging then?

Exercise crushes every writer’s block

We all now the drill: You sit down, either having a deadline in mind or desperately needing to create an epic post for your blog in order to finally increase your readership. You stare at your screen, write a few words, delete them again, think some more, rinse and repeat. Nothing creative, nothing surprising, nothing worth reading comes to your mind. You start to doubt your ability, your creative energy and the frustration you feel grows every second.

A regular workout routine will not only increase the blood circulation in your brain, but it will also give you a clarity of thoughts and space of mind that is so desperately needed when coming up with new blog posts.

Every time I come home from a hard workout, my head buzzes with plenty of ideas for my blog and my business books, which gives me topics to write about for months to come. There’s something about being in the zone of a particular good workout that makes you forget about the constraints of your brain and lets you go far beyond the places you have experienced before.

The articles you write because of that will be better than anything you’ve written before.

Exercise energizes You

That’s kind of a no brainer, isn’t it? And yet so few people take advantage of the buzz you feel after a short workout. What a waste of opportunity that is. Working out in the morning can change your entire day because the endorphins you release into your bloodstream during exercise will make you feel much more invigorated, which lets your productivity go through the roof!

And we’re not only taking about a short boost of effective and creative energy here, but a lasting and steadily high standard of being able to perform on a completely new level.

If you want to be a prolific blogger, which, hey, we all want to be, then that is an element you cannot go without as there is nothing worse than experiencing a constant fatigue that casts a shadow on all of your work.

Exercises increases Your Confidence

If you want to survive in the crowded blogosphere, you need a great deal of confidence. I am not talking about being cocky, but having a healthy sense of your abilities, expertise and willingness to succeed is an asset you have got to cultivate.

Working out regularly is the perfect way of making you feel better about yourself. It boosts you self-confidence and gives you a sense of control over your body and mind. If you constantly feel incarcerated by your physicality, weighed down by self-doubts and limited by your lack of boldness, then accelerating your heart rate regularly and overcoming new barriers will demolish all the uncertainty and feelings of inadequacy.

Exercise reduces stress and frustrations

If we lived in a perfect world, we’d always have enough time to finish our projects. There would never be any technical hiccups or other sources of frustrations in a blogger’s life.  Since, quite unfortunately, reality paints a different picture, it’s important for us to have an outlet for all the emotions that stir up over a blogger’s workday.

Sure, you could scream around, attack the poor people that surround you, have a binge feast or get a few drinks too many, but since you’re smart and don’t want to engage in destructive behavior, exercise is the ultimate way of releasing all the negative emotions, which otherwise would have occupied your minds for days, if not weeks.

A great side effect is that often, you even come up with a solution or at least part of it due to the refreshing nature of converting negative feelings into physical movement.

Exercise creates Optimal Health

If you’re in the blogging profession for the long hall, then optimal health should be of special interest for you. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to interrupt your career because of either burn out, heart disease, high blood pressure or constant fatigue due to being overweight. It’s important that we take care of ourselves.

While a balanced diet is one pillar of a healthy lifestyle, exercise is just as important.

It not only boosts your immune system, but it also helps to prevent health concerns such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis and more, which would all result in either a very much reduced blogging performance or even the end of it.

Sure, you can go on and write articles with your batteries half empty.

Sure, you can try to fake self-confidence hoping your readers won’t look behind your facade.

Sure, you can waste time staring at a blank screen desperately waiting for ideas to pop into your mind.

And sure, you can put words on a screen with an underlying frustration and negativity.

But just think how much more incredible you would feel and therefor your posts would be if you bubbled with energy, believed in and loved yourself form deep within, were free of negativity and filled with excitement and a slew of ideas?

So, taking the time for a workout in the morning or after you’ve finished your work should find it’s way into every schedule of a blogger. The clarity, vibrance, assertiveness and balance will give your blog an edge that makes it stand out from the millions of other ones.

This post was written by Anne – Sophie Reinhardt, who is a world traveler, an anorexia survivor, a positive body image advocate, podcaster, blogger, digital entrepreneur, speaker, wive, lover of books, aspiring yogi and social media enthusiast. Her blogs My Intercontinental Life and Fighting Anorexia are focused on living a purposeful, free, healthy and passionate life.

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