Email Marketing: 4 Reasons Why You Should Build Email List

Let’s talk about email marketing. email marketing tip

Marketing via email is one of the best activities that can transform your blog.

I didn’t realize how powerful email marketing was until late December, in 2011 when I finally started building my email list.

If you’re still skeptical on the importance of collecting leads and building relationships that can leads to long-term business dealings and communication, here are 4 reasons why you should get started today:

1.      Speed: email is fast

With the push of a button through an autoresponder service, you can reach 10,000 targeted prospects instantly. That is why it’s important to build a responsive list – you don’t want to waste time collecting generic leads that will not convert.

Speed is crucial to attaining significant success online. I could remember when Bum Marketing was in vogue. Those who cannot write articles quickly struggled to make money.

The fast fingers earned so much until Google began to release the wild Panda and most recently, the Penguin.

Is there any other way to reach thousands of ready-to-buy prospects quickly? I don’t think there is. Get started with email marketing today and grow your business.

2.      Viral Marketing Is Possible

Would you like your latest blog post to scour the entire web without your efforts? Then email marketing is the best way to go about it.

You see, it’s very easy to get someone to share your link with their friends. When you blast a valuable newsletter to your subscribers, include a ‘send to friend’ link beneath the email letter and if they enjoy the letter, they wouldn’t mind sharing it.

Ideally, you should specifically ask subscribers to share with friends. You can easily ‘juice-up’ their taste by offering an incentive or referral bonus and you’ll see a leap on your subscription and blog readership.

3.      Email Marketing Is Easy

Yes, email marketing is easy. Unlike other forms of marketing: video creation and distribution, guest posting, article marketing, podcasting, blogging, search engine optimization, PPC advertising, media buying and so forth. Yes, guest posting is not that easy, marketing via email is easier.

Of course, the aforementioned marketing strategies can help you grow your email list, but to keep in touch successfully and engage people (readers, prospects, customers, clients et al), you need to follow-up via emails.

Note: Even though it’s easy to send out email, you really need to spend time crafting your subject line.

4.      Email Marketing Is Personalized.

I’m yet to see a form of marketing that’s as personalized as email. The noise of social media is hot out there, but does it work like that? Yes, social media is a great platform to garner more prospects, but it takes time – and you can’t personalize easily.

With email marketing, you can set up a system to capture first name, second name and email address of your target audience.

During follow-ups, these handy subscriber’ information can be used to convey your message, emotionally and professionally. Effective marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, the simple formula is: personalization + value = conversion

Take this home

Email marketing works. Once you build it, you can leverage the platform to sell your e-book, promote helpful affiliate offers, make extra money and expand your business.

Take action today and meet me at the top. You’re a bundle of success and your world is waiting for you.

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