5 Annoying Habits of a Blogger

Like the two sides of a coin, a blogger too has some annoying habits; a topic which struck me this week and I thought to write about this. In hindsight, these habits may not visible to a reader but I guess many of us are susceptible to them.

Annoying Habits of a Blogger:

1) Checking Blog Visits Every Day–

You are on the verge of insanity if you are tempted to check the Google Analytics and other stat counter tools like Jetpack every minute of the day; it is surely an annoying habit that is going to make you paranoid sooner or later.

Solution: Control yourself. Check the stats only once or twice a week.

2) Pinging on Facebook Groups –

It is annoying when you ask group members repeatedly to Like, G+, Stumble, Digg and Tweet your blog link. You can leave your blog post links on groups that allow but bombarding them with such requests will be very annoying to other readers and bloggers.

Solution: Promote your blog but don’t do excessive promotion and stop begging for social votes.

3) Boasting –

I agree, we do want to boast sometimes but there is a thin line of difference between telling your achievements to others and boasting about them. When you boast, you are bringing others down, making them feel they are inconsequential and you are everything a blogger should be – this is a very negative approach.

Solution: Be humble. Boasting gives only temporary joy.

4) Comparing With Other Bloggers –

Healthy competition is good but it is very annoying if you keep on asking fellow bloggers how much traffic they are getting daily, how many email subscribers they have, how many Facebook likes they have, their twitter followers and others. This is really very annoying. If not else, it shows you are suffering from a big inferiority complex.

Solution: Inferiority complex won’t take you anywhere. Be confident of what you are doing and you will get the recognition you want. Don’t keep comparing.

5) Snooping –

Wondering what plugins other bloggers are using? How much money other bloggers are making? Are you someone who visits the blogs of competitors first thing in the morning, checking out their tweets and the number of likes? If you are, this is called snooping and it is not healthy at all.

Solution: Concentrate on your blog only. There is no purpose in snooping around.


I really hate these habits of a blogger. If I have to confess, I am guilty of the first habit but now I am reformed. These other habits are a result of my observation of fellow bloggers. Heed my observation and avoid them, it is really annoying.


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