2 Effective tips to Get More Comments on Your Blog

effective tips to get more commentsBuilding a successful blog takes a lot of hard work and patience. I’ve seen many folks who start a blog and quit within a few weeks or months.

You know Why? Because no one give a damm about what they write.

But you aren’t in the same league! Are You?

You’re writing high quality articles and getting few comments..and you’re happy with your progress. Now don’t you want to increase the number of comments on your blog. If yes, then keep reading this post…

In this post, I’m going to share 2 simple yet effective tips that I’m using to get a dozen of comments on every blog post –

Comment on other blogs

A sure fire way to get more comments is by doing commenting on other blogs in your niche. Set aside 30-60 minutes for blog commenting, everyday. Create a list of blogs of popular blogs on which you comment every day, with time the readers and owners of these blogs will come to notice you.

You can also use a tool like to Feel Demon to notify you, whenever a new post is published.

Commenting on other blogs will also help you to get traffic, exposure and quality backlinks.

Bonus Tip: The days are gone, when “great post” comments could drove tens of hundreds of visitors. If you want to get noticed by the blog author, then you need to leave the high quality comments. This will only help you – in building a powerful connection with the author of a blog.

Use WordPress Plugins

There are few great plugins that can encourage the visitors to leave comments on your blog. One of them is CommentLuv plugin, which allows the commentators to add links to their latest blog posts along with their comments.

CommentLuv is one of the essential plugins for WordPress that every blogger needs to install.

If you’re a Blogspot user, you can install intensedebate which works perfectly with CommnetLuv plugin.

Another one is Reply Me plugin, which sends a email to the author automatically when someone reply to his comment. It also helps the blogger to keep the conversation going.

About the Author

Devesh Sharma is the co-founder of Zippy Magazine, a web design blog and founder of WordPress Kube, a blog about all things related WordPress.

Andi the Minion - May 28, 2012

Great post Devesh, I am thinking of trying the CommentLuv plugin as quite a lot of people are talking about it. Another great way to get people to comment on your posts is to end with a question, asking readers what they think or to share their opinion. Something I need to do more of.


    Devesh Sharma - May 31, 2012

    Hi Andi,

    Glad you liked the post. Asking question at the end of the blog posts is a good way to get more comments.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. Hope to see you around, again.


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