14 WordPress Plugins For Multi-Author Sites

Though there are some blogs which are maintained by only a single person at the back end. The majority of blogs have co-writers and authors to get more articles both in terms of quality and quantity.  You can get at least a plug-in for your every requirement. Plugins can help in Social Media Promotions, Site SEO, Appearence and everything, literally. But what about plug-ins for a multi-authored site?

Managing a multi-authored blog was quite a difficult thing until WordPress 3.x started supporting the latest versions of plug-ins and with this CMS update, millions of plug-ins have got their place in the WordPress Directory. Even if there are many authors to produce content to the site, the admin has still a lot of things to be done from his side. He has to check whether the post qualifies the requirements or not, he has to check if any of the author is driving something wrong at the back-end and many more things will be waiting for his action. Today let’s talk about those WP plugins which enables you to maintain your multi-authored sites with ease.

Role Manager

This plug-in allows you to assign roles to a user and create/modify the existing role capabilities of an user role group. You can give some of your authors a level to let them directly publish the article without your moderation.

Audit Trail Plugin

This plug-in keeps the track of all the things that are happening on your site. This awesome plugins also enables you to restore any of the post to the previous versions.

Edit Flow

Edit Flow is one of the most awesome plug-ins for a multi-authored WP sites. This enables you to post some custom statuses for your posts, to manage the author work-flow.

Multi Author Comment Notifications

This plugin sends email notifications to the author when someone comments on any of his written posts. Owner can also send private emails to the authors using this plug-in.

Co Authors

This plug-in helps in linking multiple authors to a single post. Both of them can work together on that article.

Private Messages for WordPress

You can send private messages to any of the authors of your site using this. You can also control the number of Private Messages.

Author Comments

When you receive many number of comments, it becomes difficult to identify the one from the author. Author Comments plug-in highlights the comment from the author in the conversation.

Author Advertising Plugin

This is the best WordPress plug-in to maintain a good revenue sharing program between the authors. This enables you to decide the share of the total revenue to the admin and to the author. Author can use his Google AdSense or Amazon Associates program to start earning from his posts.

Dashboard Pending Review

When the author contribution is high on your site, obviously it becomes difficult to find the posts which are pending for review. So this plugin displays the list of posts that are pending for review under you WP Dashboard area.

User Photo

WordPress usually picks up the author avatar from the Gravatar assigned to his email id. But using User Photo, author can upload his picture and assign it to his writings.

Posts by Author

Like we use, YARPP and similar plugins to display related articles; Posts by Author displays other posts which are written by the same author.

Better Author Bio

Better Author Bio picks up the author bio and shows it at the end of the posts. This plug-in also has some extra addons like authors’ Facebook account, Twitter Handle, Google Talk, Google+ and a better bio.

Allow Rel= and HTML in Author Bio

Author can add HTML tags and “rel=” tags in their bio. But use this only if you’ve trusted authors. This can be used for evil too.

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