Outsourcing Your Blog Content Writing

When you start out with your first blog, it’s only natural that you think you have to do everything yourself. After all, you may not have the largest of budgets and the blog could be your own little pet project. You can see yourself growing the blog into a much larger media empire, but you understand the need to take baby steps. That makes sense.

At some point in the life of your blog — and this point will be different for everyone — you may think that you don’t have enough time to keep up with what the blog needs to grow. That’s why it’s a perfectly viable option to outsource your blog writing. Yes, outsourcing is a very real possibility.

You Are Only One Person

It is positively true that your blog is filled with limitless potential, but you as a person are limited by one undeniable factor: time. No matter how hard you work, you only have 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. And you can’t possibly work on your blog 24 hours every day. This is why outsourcing is so important.

You are just one person, but if you choose to hire a number of writers to contribute to your blog, you gain access to their time too. This can free up your time to focus on your own posts, focus on expanding your blog, or focus on any number of other aspects and ventures. Outsourcing gives you the freedom of time, which really is invaluable.

Hire a Team of Writers

Aside from the freedom of time that it can provide, outsourcing to other writers for your blog can also provide several other advantages. This is also why you will want to hire not a single freelancer, but rather a team of writers.

  • A Different Voice: Everyone has their own unique blogging “voice,” and this writing style helps to add some variety to your blog. The slightly different styles can help to attract more readers.
  • A Different Perspective: You may have certain opinions about something, but your hired writer may have another opinion. This once again adds great value to your blog.
  • A Different Expertise: While all the writers you hire may be hired to approach the same niche on your blog, they’ll all come with a different set of knowledge. You can capitalize on what they know and they can be aided by what you know. This synergistic combination adds more value to your blog.

Through these three characteristics, you’ll find that outsourcing (some of) your blog writer to freelancers, amateur bloggers, and other contributors will not only help to keep your blog updated more often, but it also keep the new articles fresh with fresh perspective, fresh knowledge, and a fresh voice.

Grant Them Autonomy and Specializations

Perhaps the hardest part of outsourcing your blog writing is not the cost that could be involved in hiring freelancers. Perhaps it’s not the management of their responsibilities or dealing with the administrative aspects of running a multi-author blog. The hardest part of outsourcing is allowing yourself to let go. We all think that we are the best at what we do, but at some point, you have to let your writers have some autonomy.

One of the best ways to manage a team of different writers for your blog is to give each of them a specific area to cover on the blog. This helps to establish each of them as an expert in their respective fields, but it also helps to ensure that your team of writers don’t start overlapping with one another with their content.

Say that you run a blog about NHL hockey. Instead of letting all your writers write about the “NHL” in general, you could assign specific teams to each writer. You could have a blogger who covers league-wide news and another blogger handle the fantasy sports league part of the discussion. This helps you stay within your niche while still providing a good deal of variety for your readers.

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