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I’m so confident that after reading this post, you will take the right actions to make your blog profitable. Make-Money-Blogging

A week ago, one of my good email subscribers sent an email to me. The content on this email wasn’t much, but very explicit.

Q: “Can I make money blogging?”

A: “No, you cannot make money blogging.”

Sounds weird, right?

Truth be bold, no one can ever make money blogging. Blogging isn’t a money maker; it’s a platform where you can generate money.

I mean, a blog all by itself CANNOT generate income.

If you started blogging with the hope of striking it BIG before the month elapses, I’m here to tell you otherwise. But don’t be scared or give up.

Oftentimes, we shy away from the truth because we don’t want to get hurt. But the truth is what sets free. If you want to make money blogging, there are basic steps that must be taken.

When I started blogging in 2011 (I was an affiliate marketer prior to the time, earning passive income), I was misled to believe that blogging is profitable. That once you’ve quality content, you’ll make money. But is quality content enough?

After 3 months of intense blogging, I earned a whopping $0.00000.

Why I’m I Saying This?

Simple: So that you can make adjustments. I still see people who complain that internet marketing is difficult and to this, I ask a simple question, “What are your money-making plans?”

Let’s illustrate with real life situation. You know billboards (those BIG adverts on our cities and highway). Do you know that billboards are only directives, educating you on what to do next and where to get a better product – the billboard isn’t the business or product, it’s like a platform where you can advertise?

Blogging can be likened to billboard advertising. In your blog, you have to advertise a product or service. If you don’t do this, waking up early and jamming your pretty fingers on the keyboard cannot make a difference. In fact, it’s a waste of a powerful rare gem – TIME!

Blogging Is For Branding

Have you seen bloggers who struggle to attract targeted traffic, make sales and generate buyer leads? You might think they’ve done something wrong with their blogs or that their product isn’t helpful – but I’ve come to change my thoughts in this respect.

The bloggers who struggle have missed one thing. They aren’t branding, or let’s paraphrase it, they’re branding wrongly.

You see, a blog can actually be profitable if it’s unique, helpful and most importantly, exceptional with a product to sell.  There are millions of blogs online and the only way to make yours profitable is to brand it. Set your blog apart from the heaps of regurgitated contents in the blogosphere.

Do you know why Apple, Google, Amazon and other household names are successful? They’ve built a strong BRAND. Before the iPad was released to the Market, Apple already had millions of hungry buyers waiting to grab it.

Same thing goes for Amazon Kindle and Google e-products. Use your blog to build a lasting impression with targeted audience and the rest would follow.

Make Money Quickly

The last email I sent to my subscribers generated $436.33 in affiliate commissions. And this was partly because I’m still growing my email list. Once you’ve built a strong brand with your blog, you can easily make money from it. How?

Build an email list and start making yourself known to your target audience. Do not suffocate them with marketing offers, but make it known in your welcome email that occasionally, you would send helpful and valuable products. It could be your product or an affiliate offer.

But the purpose of building a mailing list is to connect, communicate and help others achieve their goals. And as you get connected with people emotionally and business-wise, they would have no choice than to spend money on your products’ recommendations.

Make Money Blogging: Takeaway

Now you know better. Off course, you can make money by advertising affiliate offers on your blog, maybe on the sidebar but such commissions cannot pay your bills (maybe electricity bills alone). “The money isn’t in the list, but in the relationship you’ve built with the list.”

So, can you make money blogging?

Yes, only if you’ve a product to sell. And you can’t sell to strangers, but to friends, fans and protégés. Think about it and leave a comment. See you ahead!

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