7-Day Link Building Strategy with Commenting

I really hope Google does not drop its axe on this one because link building with commenting is one of the most sought after and powerful ways for generating back links.

Here I am giving you my personal strategy for link building which I am following for one of my blog development clients. Maybe you already know about this; if yes, I would like your comments on the same.

Criteria for Link Building:

  • 4 blog posts per week
  • Commenting on CommentLuv and/or WordPress default commenting system

Which Pages to Comment?

If you want solid back links to boost your link building strategy, comment on blog “pages” with high PR. Don’t judge by the domain PR only. The PR of the internal pages matter as well.

Link Building Steps:

Day 01, Day 3, Day 5 and Day 7:

Publish a blog post. Open a word doc and copy the “blog post” link.

Find out blogs from a similar niche and comment on 7-8 blogs. Why 7 blogs? Assuming that webmasters may decline to publish your comments, we are aiming for at least 5 back links from 5 blogs.

Of course, do not post spamming comments. This will be detrimental to your link building strategy. If webmasters keep on marking your comments as spam, your IP will be blocked forever.

Again, always comment on active blogs. Check the recent publishing date to know this.

Most importantly, try to comment on blog pages having a PR already. This is not mandatory but a good link building process. Of course, recently published blogs will not have a PR immediately so just go with the flow and keep commenting on good blogs and add to audience engagement.

Day 02, Day 4 and Day 6 – The instructions for these three days are the same, except that you will use the blog domain for back linking, unlike the “blog post link” in the remaining four days.

As previously, comment on 7-8 blogs. If you are using CommentLuv blogs, this is an added advantage because while you will place the domain URL in the “Website” space, you can still select a blog page link. Right! I suggest that you link back to Day 1, Day 3 and Day 5 published blog posts alternatively.

Link Building Time

If you have nimble fingers and good with online search, the whole commenting process won’t take more than an hour daily.

How many Links?

Follow this link building strategy with dedication and at the end of every week, you will have 15-24 back links for the domain name and 20-32 back links for four blog posts.

Even if you go by the minimum back link count, it is coming to about 140 back links per month and a maximum of 224 back links per month.

You can check the back link count on Alexa.

What do you think?

If you have any questions / doubts, feel free to ask below. Try this link building for your blog and let me know your experience and results at the end of 2-weeks.

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