3 Tips to Increase Reach From 3 Types of Blogs

Blogging is something that is not only a stress relief for many of us, but it is also a way for us to make an income.  The hardest thing to do is to build a following and once you have it, to increase your reach.  There are a ton of types of blogs from video to content and even product blogs.  Here are three ways to help your blog grow without having to do any extra work.

Video Blogs

Shooting a video and uploading it to your blog is great.  You may also be using tools like OneLoad to distribute it.  The thing is that that can only help you reach so many people.  What you need to look for now is a better way to share your video, have other people share it and to be able to monetize it.  That is why there is a tool called Viewbix.

Viewbix enables you to take your videos from sites like YouTube and add custom skins, calls to action and even social apps like Skype, Facebook, Picasso and others so that people can not only see more of what the video is about, but also click a call to action off of it to buy something.  What’s nice about this is that when someone clicks on the Twitter or Facebook share buttons on the Viewbix skin, all of the sharing and functionality stays in tact on these social sites.  Now as someone is watching your video on their timeline on Facebook they can sign up for your newsletter, read your rss feed or even shop for products directly from the calls to action and links within the videos apps and addons.

Product Blogs

Years ago you would review a product and use H1 tags, separate out the copy and add modifiers to get rankings in the search engines.  Although this is one step to start to rank now, you are competing with a ton of other sites, ecommerce stores and product bloggers which is why it is important to start letting your following and social media sites bring in more traffic.  For product blogs, you can now add Pin it icons which allows your readers to pin their favorite products linking back to your post and giving you a backlink and to help get you in front of 21 million people looking for products, ideas and to shop.  By adding in shopping instead of just sharing social sites you can start to let them build an even larger following for you without having to do any extra work.

Content Blogs

Content blogs have been great for SEO.  They have tons of content and provide even more information on the topic of the site.  However, the content alone could be hurting you.  What you need to do is consider the look and the ability to share these posts.

Try breaking up long posts into sections and then bolding each section so they are easy to scan to and so that it is easier to see the entire blog with your eyes.  You may also want to break it up by pulling out important quotes or phrases and placing them in between paragraphs.  That not only makes it easier to read, but it gets your point across better.  One last thing to think about is adding an image to the post.

By adding a large image you can attract more attention to it, if it is being shared via Hootsuite or other tools, it may be able to pick up the images and if someone on Pinterest or other sites wants to pin it, it’ll have an image so that they can use your post.

Blogging is still a great way to make money online.  You just have to think about what is the best way and are there any new tools that I can use to help expand my reach and beat out the other blogs that are in my niche.  Tools like Viewbix, sites like Pinterest and the layout of content can all help you to increase your readership and get more followers as well as make more money.

This post was written by Adam, who has been in online marketing for over a decade. Adam blogs at adamriemer.me

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