Easy and Affordable Web Directory Submissions

There are many components that go into a successful search engine optimization campaign. You might work on your meta tags and your keyword density. You might offer up guest posts to various blogs in your niche. One other strategy that you might consider is submitting your site to various online directories.

While these are oftentimes free, they can be quite time consuming to complete. That’s why it may be worthwhile to consider an affordable service like Directory Maximizer. This professional directory submission service takes care of all the dirty work for you, freeing up your time to focus on other SEO efforts and whatever other ventures you have on your plate.

Directory Submissions Made Easy

If you were to go and submit your site to the directories yourself, you’d find yourself spending all sorts of time filling out forms and providing descriptions. The directory submission service from Directory Maximizer does that for you.

When you make use of this service, you gain permanent one-way links from a wide range of online web directories. This service is further improved by the fact that your site is submitted manually, rather than by using a bot. Bot submissions can oftentimes get caught in spam filters, nullifying your directory submission.

What’s more, Directory Maximizer will “increase your chances of directory approvals by ensuring that your site details meet all directory guidelines and are submitted under the most relevant category.”

The Six-Step Process

Before you get intimidated by the fact that there are six steps to the directory submission process, realize that you only have to participate in the first two.

After you register for an account with Directory Maximizer, you simply enter your site details, like the titles and descriptions that you would like to see displayed in the directories. After that, you choose the number of directories that you’d like to receive your submission, adding any details about whether you want the submissions spread out over a period of time, and you remit your payment.

From there, Directory Maximizer takes over. Your website details are reviewed for errors, the submission is made manually, you get a live report with all your new permanent one-way links, and you are assured that you don’t get duplicate submissions on future orders.

What Directories Are Included?

At the time of this writing, Directory Maximizer has a list of over 1400 directories. This list encompasses a broad range of subjects, industries, and niches, ensuring that you will surely find several that are relevant to your website. In fact, most of these are “general” directories that should be suitable for all kinds of websites.

How Much Does It Cost?

Yes, the service is a relatively simple one, but it is thankfully also a very affordable one. The price is a mere 14 cents per directory submission, but there is a minimum order amount of $5. That would buy you just over 35 directory submissions.

If you wanted to submit your website to all 1474 web directories currently supported by Directory Maximizer, that would only cost $206.36. That being said, it’s likely a more prudent practice to set up a subscription wherein you get 100 directory submissions every month for several months. This will look less suspicious to the directories and to search engines.

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