4 Things Bloggers Should Not Write Without Experience

I am in a very antsy mood today. I am seriously frustrated with bloggers writing about things they don’t have an iota of knowledge. Bear with me!

With the dagger of publishing fresh and useful content hanging over our heads daily, I believe that often new, intermediate and experienced bloggers make the mistake of writing about something which they haven’t yet experienced but they do so just for the sake of publishing something on their blog.

In my opinion, here are few things bloggers should think thrice before writing on:

1. Its Easy to Make Money from Blogging

If you haven’t earned even a penny from blogging, you have no right to say it is easy to make money from blogging. It is unethical and by saying so, you are seriously misguiding readers who come to your blog hoping for realistic information.

Moreover, when you accept guest posts on the blog, make sure whoever is writing about the same topic writes about his/her experience, rather than just ramble about for the sake of two do-follow back links!

2. Un-Reviewed Reviews

If you haven’t reviewed a product yourself, do not publish reviews on your blog. There is no sense in reading reviews of a product on ten different sites and writing a regurgitated version of it.

By doing so, you are cheating not only the readers, but yourself too. More than a method of making money online, blogging is a method of self-expression, showing your take on things; therefore, it is important to remain honest with your work.

3. Give Unverified Tips to Bloggers

If you don’t know what the use of header tags is, don’t recommend it to others. If you don’t know what is off-page SEO, don’t say it is useful to others.

My point is no one should pretend to know everything about blogging; you will come across to others as a foolish person. Recommend only those things which you have experienced yourself.

If you have used header tags on a blog and seen better SERP results, tell to others but not otherwise.

It is your ethical responsibility to guide other bloggers in the right path and your seniority gives you a kind of power; don’t misuse it.

4. Never Lie About Blog’s Stats

It is good to fantasize about you blog getting 1000,000 unique views daily but don’t build upon this fantasy unrealistically and lie to others. Doing so, you won’t be guiding others but unnecessarily raise people’s expectations.

Bloggers have this tendency to boast about search engine traffic. Don’t fudge search traffic reports and publish on your blog. You will be the sole sufferer.

What do you say?

Are there any more things bloggers should not write about without experiencing it first hand?

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