2 Twitter Tools to Get More Retweets and Followers

Twitter is most powerful social networking site to drive traffic to your blog and connect with authorities in your niche / industry. Who doesn’t want to drive traffic to their blogs and with the recent Google changes, it’s very important that you shouldn’t rely on search engines purely to drive traffic.

I’ve been able to build connection with some big people in my niche, just with the help of Twitter.

Today I’m going to share two fantastic tools that will help you to get more retweets and followers. Both
tools are fantastic.


It is created by my friend Valentine. JustRetweet is a simple twitter app that helps you get more tweets and provide you an easy way to find stuff you want to share and retweet it with a click and at the same time allows you to earn credits.

JustRetweet is credits based system and works by earning credits.

Here are few simple tips to earn credits

  • Retweet other people’s stuff
  • Browse websites
  • Earn 10 credits by following a VIP Featured Member
  • Tweet blog RSS link
  • Invite friends and earn 25 credits

You earn credits for sharing other people’s stuff and you give credits so they will share yours.

Here’s a simple guide to get started using JustRetweet

1. Log in with your Twitter account via Twitter Oauth, you’ll get 100 credits for doing that.
2. Click on settings, go to the General Tab and fill out the basic information there. That will give you
another 25 credits.
3. Enter a Tweet that you want others to ReTweet and use your credits to pay for it.
4. Add your website.
5. Add your websites RSS feed.
6. Go and retweet some of the great articles and visit some of the websites, all of which will gain you


Buffer App allows you to schedule your tweets. Fill up your Buffer at one time in the day and Buffer
automatically posts them for you through the day. Buffer will make your twitter life super easy with
their effective way to schedule tweets.

Some of the Buffer’s best features are:

  • Allows you to short links with Bit.ly, url shortner
  • Support Multiple Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin accounts
  • You don’t have to chose a specific time, unlike other twitter tools
  • Add Buffer button on your blog
  • Hell lot of Integration options at Buffer Goodies page.


Buffer provides complete information about the followers’ engagement such as click rates and overall
reach. This information will help you to adjust and tweak your marketing strategies to gain more
followers and leads.

They are also running a Buffer blog, where they share insights on Social media. The app has been
created by – Joel and Leo Wid.

This post was written by Devesh, who is a content marketer and creator of WordPress Kube, He sometimes write at BlogPreneurs as well.

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