How T-Shirt Printing And Custom Logo Can Grow Your Blog Traffic

Custom logos make a blog unique and credible!”  

Oftentimes, we neglect to strengthen the foundation of our blogs.

It’s not enough to write blog posts these days, and expect thousands of people to fall in love with us.

There has to be a strategy for promotion the post – do you rely on one strategy or multiple strategies?

And this strategy begins with well-structured plans.

I’ve been blogging for a while now (9 months actually), and this new career has thought me so much about prospects, consumers and corporate marketing.

I also learnt that you don’t need to promote your blog solely online; there are millions of people eagerly waiting for your posts outside.

I mean, these people are on the streets, in the city and in your Local business centres. How will this group of potential readers know you ever existed – it’s through T-shirt branding?

T-shirt printing has come a long way; it’s primarily used during festive seasons, political campaign, and workers’ union protest. Also used as a memorial to celebrate great men and women.

And we’ve seen the impact T-shirt prints have on the masses. People can connect with crisp brands and may decide to check out the ‘inscription’ on the T-shirt. And if it’s your blog, that’s so fine!

Stay Off The Radar, Eliminate Online Competition

T-shirt prints and offline promotion helps you stay off the radar to cash-in.

There is a reality on the internet today. People don’t seem to recognize the competition going on. I still find bloggers who complain that sales and buyer-leads are hard to get.

But they’ve neglected the impeding factors. It’s not that buyers are scarce or that they hate your offers, they just can’t find you. Why?

Competition is too fierce on the internet. The targeted prospects and blog readers whom you’re after are also ‘prey’ to millions of other savvy marketers. Everybody wants to enjoy and grab a slice of the cake. Some people already have quality traffic and engaged readers, but they want more. I want more too and so do you!

Off course, T-shirt printing can only produce results if you do it right. A lot of people have failed in this respect and I wonder why.

Now, here is a way to bullet-proof your T-shirt branding with unique and custom logo. If you follow my simple advice, your blog will be filled with hungry readers, who are desperate to take action right now.

Use Custom Logo To Capture Attention

A lot of T-shirt prints out there are poorly branded. Some lack custom logo, and as a result, there is no real connection between the advertiser and the people.

What we’re aiming for is to create a lasting impression on the reader’s mind, so that they can visit the blog or check out the fanpage.

With custom logo, you can capture and build strong connections with people. Before you subscribe to any T-Shirt printing services, like vistaprint and psprint which offers coupon and discount deals, ensure you’ve a custom logo.

This logo has to stand out.

Have your custom logo printed at the back of the T-shirt. What we fail to understand is that, “people connect more with symbols, icons, objects than they do with words.”

If your custom logo is text-based, please use great color combinations to make it fun and crystal. And lest I forget, you can grab free coupon code and to help you save on custom logo and T-shirt printing jobs. The vistaprint coupon codes is also great for your custom logo needs. Personally, I use these services and they’ve good customer support systems.

Custom Logo Acts as a Reminder

Yes, when people see your T-Shirt prints on the street, while you walk the streets or anywhere, they might forget what they saw, but the logo will continue to ring bell in their hearts. Even if they didn’t visit your blog on the first day, they’re bound to check it out anytime soon.

And when they eventually visit your blog, the custom logo they saw outside, maybe a week ago, will act as a reminder that they’re at the right place. Don’t be like every other blogger – let your voice be unique, and you’ll enjoy the rewards of hard work.

So, go out there and promote your blog. Don’t just rely on social media networks or guest posting alone. Offline blog promotion also works. Apart from T-Shirt printing and custom logo, other business marketing strategies are business cards, seminars, public speaking, trade shows, community support etc. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Michael suggests that if your custom logo is text-based, please use great color combinations to make it fun and crystal. And lest I forget, you can grab a free Psprint coupon code from  to help you save on custom logo and T-shirt printing jobs. Psprint specialize in printing logos but also brochures, postcards, stickers, and business cards.


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