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Michael Chibuzor is an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and the founder and CEO of Content Marketing Up. If you want to grow your blog, drive targeted traffic and make more money, hire Michael to write for you.

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  • Posted by Pamela on 23rd Apr 2012

    I’ve come to learn that regardless of what you do online to build a reputation it is not going to be enough. So taking it offline is the best thing to do since there’s less competition off line for blog promotion. I’ve done fliers to get offline attention to my blogs. Using a t-shirt that is well designed will help to get a lot of people because the ones who see the shirt will tell others. I love this article.

    • Posted by Michael Chibuzor on 24th Apr 2012

      Thank you Pamela. Offline promotion is also effective for blogs. I’m happy you got something to grow your blog.

  • Posted by bilal on 23rd Apr 2012

    I find this very interesting. Sometimes we really have to consider and offline methods.

  • Posted by Jeanetmarie on 24th Apr 2012

    I agree with Pamela. I think it is easier to build a business first offline and slowly build up one online as you go. Especially if you are an artist like me. I am in the process of creating some t-shirts to further my business as well. Great article and confirms some of my thoughts as well. All the best. I like this blog. Will read more. Cheers!