How I Promote My Coupon Blog Using Social Media Marketing

In this article, you’ll learn how I took my coupon blog from ground floor to becoming a profitable online system.

This post offers some core blogging and social media lessons.

You’ve to understand how to entice people to your offer naturally.

Online shopping has grown over the years, and offering coupon discounts or rebates can make a whole lot of difference to your marketing activities.

There are several relationships between coupon marketing and social media marketing.

Both operate under the umbrella of ‘communication.’ If you can’t communicate your brand efficiently, not much can be accomplished, irrespective of how valuable and informative your contents are.

Why You Should Offer Coupon Discounts

Do you sell products online or sell services in form of writing, designing, programming or researching? Offering coupon discounts can double your efforts and bring huge results. And when you understand the ‘real’ system behind social media, getting to the top of Google homepage can be possible – it takes time, but it’s achievable.

When you offer coupon codes to buyers, something significant would start to ‘rejoice’ in their head. Everyone wants to save. The rich, the middle class and the poor – no one wants to throw away money, because it’s difficult to get – or, is it easy for you?

So, when next you create an information product, use the power of coupon codes to encourage and motivate buyers. You’ll experience great sales and generate better leads.

Why Social Media Is Powerful

I don’t believe in spending four hours on Twitter every day. Even though social media networking is a part of building a successful blog, all you need do is recognize why people gather together to share opinions, thoughts and ideas. Did you know how Facebook and Pinterest grew so rapidly within the short time of their existence?

It’s because they were providing the ‘very’ basic need of human beings. Everyone wants to connect, share and communicate with another person.

And social media happens to be the best way to achieve this. Forums and online discussion boards were the traditional ‘conference room,’ but social media is more efficient and provides more interactivity.

Using coupon discounts to motivate buyers, also leads to better rapport. In fact, when the coupon offered is viable and works for the buyer, he or she would tell his friends, family and colleagues at work. When this happens, a successful marketing chain is created and this is what your business needs to flourish.

Social Media Users are Shoppers

Most of the people who shop online are avid social media users. On my coupon blog that reviews wewood discount code, I decided to optimize my blog for these terms and used Twitter to promote it.

Interestingly, Google+ was launched and when I saw the SEO benefits, and how it affects search engine ranking, I focused on using these social media networks to promote my coupon blog. When I post a new post, I would immediately tweet it to my followers to notify them.

Afterwards, I would share on Google+ and within 7 days, the post has started ranking on Google homepage. Fortunately, my coupon blog not only ranked for the primary keyword, but terms like promo code also ranked.

I also optimized my coupon images and pinned them on my Pinboard. Grocery and fashion photos have the most pinned and repined photos on this new photo sharing network.

Coupon and Social Media Recap

Whatever business model you’ve chosen, you can use social media to promote it. I was able to grow my coupon blog from a mere review blog, to an engaged platform where shopping enthusiasts can connect, share and network with others.

There are better opportunities you can derive from a blog, apart from affiliate sales and clicks, you could get hired to perform search engine optimization services or write quality articles.

All in all, learn to appreciate who you’re and the opportunities available online. See you ahead.

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