Is Seo Marketing The Best Form Of Traffic To Pursue

Sometimes it worth going outside on the back of the patio and having a glass of ice cold Red Diamond Tea to just relax and think. This is great because it lets your brain wonder until you start thinking crazy thoughts. These crazy thoughts can be about many things if you’re a seo guy like myself who is just trumped in ideas.

This is one of the bad things about being a so called seo person, because once you learn how to dominate the search engines in the form of getting free traffic. Then this is when you start to analize things to the point your head starts to ache. The reason why I’m saying this is because I was thinking the other day about the other forms of building traffic for a website other then using seo.

So I ran in the house to get my PC so I could write this post on the forms of getting traffic and whether or not seo is the best out of all of them. Heck I barley made it to my PC because I hit my big toe on the edge on the living room table and started saying every word in the book beside ooch..but we can talk about that later.

But I finally made it to my PC and I started to write some things down that maybe could get in a rat race with seo and I came up with this


Viral Traffic

This form of traffic is great and it can bring you thousands or even millions of visitors over night. You can get viral traffic by writing something awesome on your blog or doing a video that makes people want to share it… like you running in the living and stomping your toe..wink wink

Next you can upload it online in hopes of people finding that video and sharing it to the world. The problem with this is that most of time viral traffic is not targeted so this form of traffic betting seo will not work. Because 100 seo visitors from the search engine is much better then 10,000 viral visitors…so lets scratch viral traffic out.


PPC “ Pay Per Click”

PPC is great because your able to pick the keywords you want to get traffic from and pay once you get a click. This is a good way to get traffic and what’s most important is that its targeted traffic which is what your looking for. Now the only time you pay for traffic is when someone enters that keyword in the search engine and clicks on your ad to the right side of the page assuming your using Google Adwords.

But the problem comes in at is when your budget runs low and you must add more money to keep the traffic coming in. So sadly if you didn’t make any sales off those clicks you just paid for, you may be out of luck. This is what makes people look for another alternative because this sucks up too much money and when the money runs low your traffic just let scratch out PPC ‘Pay Per Click”


What About Seo?

Now if you chose to use seo, all you must do is to find a targeted keyword that’s getting the amount of traffic you will like. Next you must do a little seo marketing to get it to the top of the search engine which does take a little time depending upon the competition level of the keyword.

Once that keyword reaches the top of the search engine you will not only be getting targeted traffic but also not having to pay to stay there. I know this may seem crazy to you guys and not sure if something like this is possible. But its true your able to get targeted traffic for life if you continue to build content and links for your website so it stays there.

All I got to say is how much powerful is that compared to viral traffic and PPC? The upside is awesome and I share more tips like this in my TrafficColeman seo marketing series where I try to break down seo in a more simpler form for you guys. Hopefully now you know which direction you would rather go when thinking about building traffic for your website.


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