The Only Strategy I Use To Drive Organic Traffic To My Blog

“Organic traffic is the best form of traffic ever!” organic-traffic

If you want to build a targeted audience and increase conversion rate on your blogging products, organic traffic is the best way to go.

Off course, there are several ways to drive free traffic which actually works, but none of these ways can be compared to the quality of traffic from Google.

Blogging isn’t about attracting 1000s of free visitors who do nothing.

If you can attract 100 visitors who decides to subscribe, buy your product and spend time reading your previous posts, it’s a worthy adventure.

In this post, I want to show you my one-strategy for driving free organic traffic to my blogs.

There is nothing new about my strategy, but if you give it a shot, you’ll share a fantastic success story. I’m ready, are you?

Target Long-Tail Keywords

I started blogging in July 2011, and targeting long-tail key phrases have been my major blogging activity. When I research keywords, I do it differently. A lot of people will use keyword suggestion tools like the one provided by Google, or Market Samurai, but I do mine differently.

Truth is: the best key phrases are ‘inside’ your head. You can’t possibly compete with the big blogs like or copyblogger. Every blogging topic has been covered by these two giants (BTW: these are fantastic blogs worth reading).

So, what’s left for newbie bloggers and intermediates?

Dominate Google Easily

Long-tail keywords would help you dominate Google top 10 within 30 days. I’ve used it successfully especially in my niche where “SEO” is highly competitive. But, you can still use keyword suggestion tools, but don’t neglect to brainstorm.

If you’re passionate about your blog niche, you’ll have questions that need answers. Those questions could be the long-tail key phrases which other people are searching the web with.

Example: It would be hell trying to rank for “search engine optimization.” It has over 12,000,000 competiting webpages already. But do you know there are several variations to that term – seo search optimization, search engine optimize in NJ, seo company Los Angeles, SEO india, search engine firm India, search engine web design et al.

Can you target any of these long-tail variations? That’s a huge source of organic traffic to your blog. Whatever niche you’re in, learn to research these kinds of phrases and use the strategies below to improve your ranking.

Build Strong Anchor Links

Let’s assume “search engine firm India” is your chosen long-tail key phrase, we now have to strengthen the page by building few quality backlinks to it. And to build such Google-friendly-link-juice, you need to use an anchor text.

An anchor is that “link” that’s clickable. If competition on Google is less than 10,000, it means you don’t have to build thousands of anchor links from other blog. But few links from authority and relevant blogs will do.

In any case, use the primary keyword you’re targeting as the anchor link. Make it clickable and send the visitor to a relevant page on your blog.

It’s very vital you optimize the page in-house before going out to solicit for off-page links. This way, the right foundation for Google indexing, and ranking can be established easily.

Note: Subsequent Google updates is pointing to something very important – It’s no longer the number of external links you’ve got, but the ‘quality’ and the engagement your blog gives.

In the future, engagement is going to supersede every ranking criterion. Build a blog to engage a selected group, and Google will reward the efforts you put into creating cornerstone contents and social media participation.

What’s your traffic strategy?

I’ve shared mine with you (long-tail targeting), what’s yours? I really want to know how you’ve succeeded in pleasing Google despite all the news going around.

And remember this: algorithm checks and search updates are not to destroy your online business or hinder your ranking (Google wouldn’t do that), it’s to your advantage, maybe not today, but in the future – you can benefit from it – quality content is the secret – don’t give up, don’t give in, success is sure!

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About the Author

Michael Chibuzor is an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and the founder and CEO of Content Marketing Up. If you want to grow your blog, drive targeted traffic and make more money, hire Michael to write for you.

muddaser - April 7, 2012

Yes you can relate this with a good landing page technique, at present, you need to be attractive as well, good content alone, is not enough these days.

    Michael Chibuzor - April 7, 2012

    Content is king, but it’s not enough. You need the right backlinks, from relevant blogs and as you said, a good landing page technique would work effectively. Thank you for reading my post.

evi - April 7, 2012

My favorite strategy is to use keywords that are unique in a unique market share and using social media like facebook to invite visitors

    Michael Chibuzor - April 7, 2012

    Great strategy Evi, I got your point.

    Dent - April 10, 2012

    I agree with you. Content is king, but not enough. Like a quality product but with bad PR will not be successful. My blog have more than 50% traffic from google. Thanks so much to google :D.

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