Using Article Marketing, Blog Posts and Commenting to Increase Backlinks

By Zac Johnson | Links

Apr 04

With all of the latest changes and updates being made by Google, it’s now more important than ever to diversify your link building strategies. With link building blog networks being tossed right out of Google’s search results, anyone who relied on these traffic and link building methods will surely be hurting. This is just one of the most recent examples of why you need to build quality incoming links to your blog or web site, and from several different sources.

When building links for your web site, you want to focus on getting them high quality with original content, and to keep them looking as natural and steady as possible. One service that specializes in building quality content that will continue to grow links to your site over time is GetLinksPro.

We all know that article marketing, guest blog posting and leaving comments on blogs are some of the most effective ways to not only build links to our site, but also to bring real traffic back to our sites. Unfortunately all of these tasks can take a lot of time, which is where a company like GetLinksPro comes in handy.

With all of that said, let’s cover some of the different areas that you should focus on for link building, while also contributing quality content and links to various web sites and traffic sources.

Guest Blog Posting

Running multiple blogs myself, I can tell you how popular guest blog posting is, as I continually get requests on a daily basis. As beneficial as guest blog posting commenting is, it takes a lot of time to write up original content then search out blogs that will actually post the content for you. On top of that you may also run into concerns with the blog owner actually getting back to you, or even accepting your blog post submissions. Even with all the possible negatives that you may come across during the process of guest blog posting, it’s still one of the best gigs around. You are getting to put out quality content that people are reading, then will possibly visit your site from the links posted through out the guest post. Overall, it’s an excellent way to reach new markets of people who are generally interested in the content you are writing.  If you’d like to get more involved with guest posting, GetLinksPro offers packages start at as low as $20 per article.

Article Submissions

While article submissions aren’t as popular as they used to be, the directories are still doing well and there is always a demand for new and original content. Incoming links to your web site will always be a postive when they are coming from reliable sources and are from original content. Through article submissions you can drastically improve the amount of articles and backlinks that are coming to your site, while increasing your change to rank in the search engines with new incoming links and traffic sources. Popular article directories like EzineArticles and GoArticles are still ranking as some of the top sites on the internet. If you haven’t already, you should definitely look into adding some article marketing into your mix of incoming site links. GetLinksPro offers article writing services, along with the submission of up to 100 different directories, with rates at $25 per article.

Social Bookmarking

Now that we talked about creating original content and getting backlinks to your sure, we should also talk about how we can benefit from usual social bookmarking to increase the exposure to your site and the guest blog posts and article submissions you are also making. Through social bookmarking you can quickly get your sites and content passed around by the millions of people who are looking for the best content out there and sharing it with their friends and online networks. Unfortunately social bookmarking can take a lot of time, which is another great reason for looking into GetLinksPro, which offers a nice 100 social bookmarking package for only $15.

As you can see, the way we spend out time and money to focus on quality content and building long term backlinks really does matter for how our web sites are ranking in the search engines. Building a natural and steady formula of new content and incoming links is an excellent way to keep Google happy and increase the overall authority and traffic of your web site or blog. Be sure to check out GetLinksPro for all of the different content generation and link building plans they have to offer.


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Technopsis April 5, 2012

Indeed, they are all very nice tactics on gaining some google rankings. I do however feel that article submission is dying out, since most articles that are submitted are badly spun remakes of the source-content.

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All these are big factors for the search engines to decide the all the things listed above in the article play an important role.This article show covers all the important factors

Travesti. April 9, 2012

Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles about themselves as a marketing strategy. A primary style for the articles includes a bio box and byline (collectively known as the resource box) about the business.

Turtle April 11, 2012

I’m always extremely hesitant when approached about a guest post – particularly when it comes from an agency. I’d do my research properly before signing up to any company that’s going to do it for you, I think.

bilal April 11, 2012

Totally true! But i never tried doing the guest blog posting. These methods are really effective in getting traffic and backlinks. Most people uses these methods.

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