Grow A Blog In 30 Days – One Simple Idea Spark Up Your Blog!

Let’s push your blog to the top. Ready?grow a blog

You just couldn’t break-in. Every effort you put into your blog proves abortive, what exactly is wrong with your nice blog, and all the unique contents you have written – you question?

Becoming the go-to resource is all you ever wanted, to solve problems, land profitable consulting and freelance projects and pay your bills.

Does it mean you can’t make money blogging – even when you’ve accessed several success stories of people who are making a living blogging?

Well, if I’ve painted a picture of you, I know the angle you’re coming from and you’re not the only blogger whose blog is still buried in the ocean of failure. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The problem with blogging is that we tend to deviate from the core things that matters.

I want to reveal the best way to push your blog to the top in 30 days or less. By this I mean, the only thing you should be doing – it’s worked for others, your blog won’t get bumped again.

How Successful Salespersons Are Made

Being a salesperson earned me the opportunity to meet influential personalities in my world. I’ve learnt so many things that can make any business excel. It’s a trait that has set creative salespersons apart. They understand how people relate to marketing offers; make decisions and the chemistry that goes on within their minds.

This is how successful persons are made: “they pick only one idea, study and analyze the potentials of success and failure in it, run with the idea until the visions becomes real.”

Blogging is not different from selling. In fact, both are closely-connected and what applies to one, applies to the other. Growing a blog is the same thing as growing a seedling – you water, you tend it, you provide enabling environment as much as you can and leave the rest to “Mother Nature.”

Run With One Idea for 30 Days

Thirty days isn’t three days, and if we want to achieve a goal of growing blog readership, influence and earning value, we need to further break this ‘single idea’ into 4 different highlights and run with it.

Here are the 4 highlights you should run with:

– Decide on the idea (when an idea drops on your mind, it’s left for you to run with it, produce results from it and grow your blog. but the idea must be legit, and success-driven)

– Give the idea a ‘form’ (by impressing a form on the idea, the source of nature will speed up the attainment-process.)

– Leverage (A lot of things are in place to help your blog grow. You shouldn’t blog in isolation, there is help somewhere – find it, use it!)

– Have a landing page (there is no guarantee you’ll retain fresh visitors on your blog, why not have a strong and efficient landing page to convert readers into future customers?)

This is pretty straight forward and we’re on our way to growing your blog: you get natural link love, social media juice, active readers, engagement and…(Money)!

Decide On the Idea

There are several ways to grow a blog. You can decide on what’s best for you, but for the sake of achieving our goal in 30 days, we need to stick with a proven system that works at all times. Several pro bloggers like Danny Iny, John Morrow, Ana Hoffman et al are actively using it.

In fact, these bloggers have built strong and engaged audience with a single idea. Gone are the day when it was extremely difficult to become influential on the internet – but this marketing system has caused a revolution. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

‘The best idea to grow your blog in 30 days is via “guest posting”’.

Traditional article marketing doesn’t work as it used to. The frequent Google frequent updates were a big blow on article directories, and guest posting became the best alternative. That’s the single idea you should run with in this 30 days challenge.

Give the Idea a Form!

We’ve all seen the impact of contributing on another blog. Whether the blog is A-list or B-list (upcoming blogs), guest posting is expected to produce results. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not reaping the great dividends, because ‘guest blogging’ is an abstract term.

You need to give it a ‘form.’

What exactly do you want to achieve? Every blogger who sets out to write a post for others should have clear goal of what he wants.

Some blogs already have engaged readers, but the person behind these blog is still guest blogging. Do you think he needs more engagement – maybe, but I think he has a greater vision; to increase conversion rate, generate sales leads easily or build a resource center.

The moment you ‘form’ an image of where you’re going with every guest post you write, the future becomes brighter – this 30-day challenge becomes vivid and attainable. That’s why goal setting is important. A goal highlights the things you want to achieve, and a plan leads all the way to getting results.

Here are few questions to ask before you guest blog. It would form an image in your mind right away:

  • – What is my ideal blog?
  • – Who is my target audience?
  • – What problems do they face and why?
  • – How can I solve the problem and entertain readers?
  • – What would be my gain if I solve a problem?

Do you see the impact of these questions on my mind? I’m sure you know exactly what to do right away – which is, to research blogs that accept guest post and pitch helpful and relevant topics. Would you try that out?


A great way to push your blog to the top in 30 days is via leverage. See what the Dictionary has to say about “leverage.”

“Power to get things done: power over other people, especially something that gives an advantage but is not referred to openly.”

The power to get things done lies in ‘outsourcing’ and ‘networking.’ These two marketing terms are powerful, and I’m sure you already know what they mean. We’ve agreed that to grow a blog as quickly as possible, guest posting is the key. You also need speed; the ability to churn out valuable articles for syndication across the web is a rare skill.

You can only do your best in 24 hours and this might not be enough to push your blog to stardom. So, what do you do – outsource a part of writing to capable hands. There are prolific writers who are willing to accept this offer, provided you’ve a budget for it (off course you should).

Once you’re armed with creative guest writers, focus on networking with other bloggers. Follow them on twitter, Read and comment on posts they make. Read their books, and attend a webinar if you can. As a blogger, you should be used to these simple tasks and building a relationship isn’t as difficult as it seems.

You need to connect and share with other bloggers – get to know them. In 2 weeks, most of the probloggers would start addressing you by name – until then, keep sharing and supporting their opinions. While other guest bloggers struggle to get published, yours will be picked, reviewed and approved within 7 days – but you’ve got to build the relationship first.

Have a great landing page

What makes a landing page great?

Contrary to what bloggers think, a great landing page has little to do with colors, or long copy. The ability of a page to convert its readers into subscribers is what counts.

Unfortunately, a lot of guest bloggers are making a big mistake. I see people who link to their homepage, where there is no provision for converting readers.

The success of your online business lies in the number of prospects you’re able to reach with the click of a button” – Ewen Chia.

The first guest post I did for FreelanceSwitch brought 218 targeted subscribers within 3 days. I would have converted more of these 647 daily visitors if my landing page was persuasive enough. What’s the guarantee that your first time targeted reader would visit again – think of the time investment in writing a unique post, which was approved eventually – but has no conversion-base in place.

Ensure your first time readers are not lost, create a unique and compelling landing page to capture and build email lists – that’s how to succeed online being a blogger.

30 Days Challenge: Your turn

This is a wake-up call to you, not a whip on your ass! You’re the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your blog, and the sole responsibility of growing it, lies with you. Challenge yourself to build a go-to resource in your niche. Create the perfect blog-space and help others succeed.

“Success without a successor is failure” – (unknown)!

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